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Original title: ” still feed ” hitting ” Fu Ying ” is banner bilk gut unusual Yao Zijin ” mussel port ” lived? ” still feed ” this drama is being hit namely simply ” Fu Ying ” banner bilk, the drama of a 40 collect sowed 34 collect men and women advocate still be in be difficult with sb, and strange still fastening is held, gut is more and more unusual and complete without conviction. In ” still feed ” the 32nd concentration Zhu Zhan radical combines Yan Ziping to cheat Yao Zijin, yao Zijin is sad and excessive, zhu Zhan radical still gives orders to ban sufficient she, as a result Yao Zijin daydreams in the middle of the night after awaking she ” mussel port ” lived, cannot open buccal conversation. Yao Zijin because hind be buried alive with the dead of the wife of a prince, and unripe to mastering those who reduce power imperial power is awe-stricken, be frightened or pressure is too great and break language is understandable, what cannot understand is the practice after Yao Zijin aphonia.

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After the mouth talks, Yao Zijin is mixed no longer Zhu Zhan radical also was immersed in cold war, see at that time Zhu Zhan radical discovers Yao Zijin is not do not wish to start to talk when those who talked not to open a mouth however is premonitory, many audiences are expecting Zhu Zhan radical to perform chase after wife crematory, the Yao Zijin that the mouth cannot run from opposite directions before letting him is to ban sufficient it is fierce cling to, imagine medium gut however and did not happen, from Zhu Zhan base discover Yao Zijin is broken language to Yao Zijin the mouth is being appeared everywhere unusual. Zhu Zhan radical bans sufficient Yao Zijin, wait for Yao Zijin to started to talk to wait for 3 months, yao Zijin so basking Lu cat, listening to rebuke of Zhu Zhan radical silently she has to him guard against, final incapacity is furious, because have official business,leave.

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the wife of a prince of complete palace aing concubine of an emperor after Zhu Zhan radical leaves is changing method to amuse Yao Zijin to start to talk, when Zhu Zhan radical come back do two people lie is the Yao Zijin on a piece of bed to listening to Zhu Zhan radical to spit groove silently (after all round room is still pure sleep? ) , force so that mother of an emperor started to talk for his son finally, call in Yao Zijin, saying is to teach Yao Zijin a lesson, but more it is the request of a mother to the daughter-in-law, stem from the care to the son, then Yao Zijin raised arris to rise again. Yao Zijin informed Yan Ziping first, yan Ziping used Su Yuehua serving to send later without ringent clam, because feel wronged and act rashly not to start to talk,as a result second of Zhu Zhan radical knows Yao Zijin is not, break however language cannot open a mouth…

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This paragraph of gut is a little unusual indeed, and this psychology disease fills imperial physician to also can be treated, drank a few medicine to be able to start to talk, yao Zijin drank medicine to be able to start to talk without how long talked, the object of the first conversation or good boudoir sweet Yan Ziping, so male advocate be to be used work? Is so she in after all what of do sth over and over again? Why doesn’t imperial physician search to aux would rather before her so ill? Obviously the opportunity appeals to others, be in and Zhu Zhan radical gets along from time to tome a lot of opportunities can tell him, about these doubt, estimation playwrite also knows the audience can spit groove these, then the part in drama replaces an audience to ask, why does Zhu Zhan radical ask Yao Zijin is not written down tell him?

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Yao Zijin did not answer Zhu Zhan radical, but told Yan Ziping however, because be opposite,the mouth cannot opening before she says herself is mother of an emperor, right by the fear of captivity, clear Yao Zijin is good so fast because deserve to go up without psychological burden,be medicine is good ability is so fast, but this reason conviction is so not sufficient, especially she tells Yan Ziping is not she does not want to write, cannot write however, because high-ranked imperial concubine of not next a dumb person is allowed in this Forbidden City, but can you allow the next to bunt mother of an emperor, feel wronged and act rashly with the emperor, how to start to talk, aux would rather the high-ranked imperial concubine when dummy? High-ranked imperial concubine does not start to talk forever this and dummy have what distinction, and does a married woman’s parents’ home of mother of an emperor go falling ill namely before Yao Zijin?

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Have this precedent, can mother of an emperor think of why Yao Zijin cannot open a mouth? If say not to think,be discovered moreover, can Yao Zijin appeal completely below illicit Yu Zhuzhan base is? ” still feed ” feeling giving a person wants to be like,be made ” Yan Xi strategy ” in that way Bai Yueguang empress, however regrettablly this drama is being appeared everywhere at odds strong, gut too medicinal powder, the character also cannot stand.

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