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Original title: Witness life memory, answer eye all the way fragrant China, award of first gold Xuan ” naked promulgate ” suffer greatly reputably From ” enemy battalion 18 years ” ” 4 worlds are the same as hall ” ” triumphal in midnight ” , arrive ” ab extra younger sister ” ” longing ” ” redness of skin is romantic ” ” bright sword ” , arrive again ” wear east of Shanhaiguan ” ” had crossed duck green river ” who had not seen these teleplay? Especially 60 hind 70 hind 80 hind, almost every play, engraving life annual ring, climb full memory.

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The Chinese Communist holds water hundred years during, with the tuber of stemona classical prize-giving grand ceremony of award of Xuan of gold of division of TV of international of a depressed place of first when be a foundation bay Lai, because epidemic situation reason cancels celebration ceremony, in Macao always benefit palace does not have audience means with having a honored guest ” naked promulgate ” on the line. On feeling, although make a person a little regretful, but must to make preparations square manner nods golden assist, what compares health again bigger? Originally, xuan award prize-giving grand ceremony already entered gold to time originally, attend airline ticket of hotel of prize-giving celebration star, honored guest, media, reporter to already also had been ordered, rebound to cancel entirely because of epidemic situation however (Macao adds 4 diagnose patient newly) , loss by hold just assume.

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Award of first gold Xuan, the key is centered in found a party on work of hundred years outstanding teleplay and character, the drama such as historical talk feeling is not entered choose. Teleplay of bear the palm (press time order) ” pancake of a dish ” ” enemy battalion 18 years ” ” 4 worlds are the same as hall ” ” triumphal in midnight ” ” civilian clothes police ” ” longing ” ” encircle a city ” ” the story of editorial office ” ” ab extra younger sister ” “

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Observe not difficult discovery carefully, party of half of 50 outstanding teleplay builds half the people’s livelihood, common people of half nation half, ever touched the history, stay together time, love by the masses. Different years is different subject matter is different and genuine, recording wish of screen inside and outside, leisurely years, no matter good person whether is lifetime restful? It is a times is blessed.

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Character actor of bear the palm: (male) Chen Daoming, chen Baoguo, li Xuejian, tang Guojiang, li Youbin, ge You, zhang Guoli, jin Dong, liu Jin, wang Jinsong; (female) Siqingaowa, red of the Song Dynasty, zhang Kaili, xi Meijuan, lv Liping, yao Chen, grandson couple, sea Qing Dynasty, tian Hairong, he Saifei, which be bone of old show of thorough popular feeling? 10 directors: Guo Baochang, zheng Xiaolong, hu Zheng, gao Xixi, zhang Li, kong Sheng, zhao Baogang, kang Gonglei, zhang Yongxin, jin Tao, the soul has a manner to have talent 10 playwrite: Gao Mantang, liu Heping, wang Liping, wang Sanmao, long Pingping, zhang Chenggong, wang Wanping, hai Yan, wang Xiaoping, old Ping, who is not familiar? Producer of 10 outstanding teleplay, luo Hao, hou Hongliang, wu Yi, cao Ping, gao Yalin, dai Ying, lv Chao, yu wins, ma Ke, wang Tong, ever accompanying two acting people and come, sincerity is full. Special commend: Gong Hanlin, jiang Wen beautiful, king sea song, chen Jianbin, ma Shaohua, liu Yanming, zhang Guang north, liu Jiang, hou Yong, hou Tianlai, award of Ma Yuanjin Xuan (GoldenXuanAwards) ” Xuan ” , it is kind of herb, before the ancients goes on a long journey, can be in sow of front courtyard hall a few tawny day-lily, lest the mother keeps thinking about,Tangwen has in poem of front courtyard skin of the bamboo ” idle dream recalls Jin Tang, tawny day-lily of full law court is long. ” hind tawny day-lily makes mother or former residence meaning gradually, macao of meaning contain boy far away from home leads a wandering life return, cun Cao on purpose good sincere feeling.

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Tawny day-lily if Gao Mantang of chairman of division of TV of international of bay Lai a depressed place place character: “2021 is the Chinese Communist holds water 100 years, it is Chinese happy event not only, also be world overall situation. In view of above, via bay Lai organizing committee of division of TV of international of a depressed place talks things over, theme of division of TV of international of a depressed place of first bay Lai is ‘ greeting is classical ‘ . Plan to reveal a Chinese Communist to hold water to the whole world hundred years come the brilliant success of course of study of movie and TV… ” official data shows, award of first Jin Xuan origanization construction bay Lai as fortified building, although do not have the government to endorse, but by king sea song, chen Baoguo, gao Mantang, yu Dong, wang Zhonglei, wen Juan, the two sides such as Hong Jinbao people of 100 famous movie and TV combine 4 ground establish, have authority likewise. Director screenwriter actor chairman of 3 large association, protect country and Gao Mantang to hold the position of by Zheng dawn Long Chen respectively. But any prize-giving activities are impossible reach every aspect of a matter, also do not do respect give attention to two or morethings, main reason, person of outstanding movie and TV is too much, and optimal men and women advocate have 10 people only. Then, be opposite on the net list of bear the palm of award of first gold Xuan appeared some of different sound: 1, optimal male advocate not should little Wang Zhiwen, with Wang Zhiwen acting reachs pair of TV industry to contribute, interest of Yuan Chao Liu and Jin Dong — award of panda of gold of division of TV of the 2nd Sichuan is optimal hero; Award of eagle of the 11st gold is optimal hero; Award of flying Apsaras of the 14th China is optimal male advocate, heft is equal China ” inspect the Supreme Being ” , ” gumshoe is ecru ” ” the day ” ” Hei Bing ” ” track without regret ” ” let love to do advocate ” ” the person arrives 40 ” etc, where ministry is classical?

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2, the sea in optimal actress is clear, tian Hairong, grandson couple relatively Yan Ni, liu Tao, plum graceful weight is lighter. 3, art accomplishs Li Xuejian to be approbated by country and people: “100 reforming and opening are crackajack contributor ” ” have home of cinematics of outstanding contribution country ” , after ranking Chen Daoming and Chen Baoguo unexpectedly? The author thinks, bay Lai a depressed place has standard of him decide on awards through discussion to reach foxing, if say a commissioner,ancestor leakage dropped this heavyweight ” inspect the Supreme Being ” or had not considered completely absolutely impossible. Main because of bear the palm male advocate be not a basis acting and consequence, sponsorring just is fixed position of 50 when go out according to judging outstanding teleplay optimal men and women advocate, and should go out in 50 drama perform a men and women an ability is possible bear the palm. And Wang Zhiwen gives the teleplay that act, not was seleted one of 50 actor drama.

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Optimal female advocate Chengdu of Hai Qingtian sea grandson couple, all belong to queen of a gleam of that inspect drama with Tao Meiting of Yan Ni Liu, annulus fat swallow is thin, compare very hard. For example, 100 meters of flying people and marathon Wang Zhe who is fiercer? Who should be elected as optimal athlete? With respect to Mei Ting of Ni calculating Yan Liu Tao is seleted, same meeting is open to question. After Li Xuejian ranks Chen Daoming and Chen Baoguo, make a person a bit amazed really, whether to know a rank to have ” do not divide early or late ” meaning? Bay Lai a depressed place is belonged to register in new power of Macao movie and TV, all ministry, 3 platform, 5 centers, 9 base are run conform with international entertainment, sign arrange, come on the stage the ordinal not proper standard that press a name, this possibility is very large also.

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No matter how say, should affirming golden Xuan award is mark of new ground of outstanding TV large award, what chose 50 teleplay and person of movie and TV to condense each days corner fragrant China. Probably, with eagle of flying Apsaras gold photograph of award of 3 big TV compares Bai Yulan, jin Xuan still is in start level, not perfect, very genuine however, do you think?

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