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Original title: ” the heart is resided ” be about to leave sow, end eyesight is pushed, clique of 4 actual strength presses an axis, it is blast of a king! ! 2022 the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, two drama had exploded. One is drama of infinite discharge net ” germinant ” . Li Shi affection and Xiao Heyun experienced a loop countless times, they should save the sense of responsibility of next bus, touched countless people really. Another is the years theatrical work that broadcasting ” between the world ” , zhou Bingkun, zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong, life story is very touching. But these two drama are to have erupt of force, but did not let an audience have the same feeling truly, also did not let an audience feel to matter with his life.

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Let audience feeling be the same as experience truly, let audience feeling be the same as experience truly, still want to see modern city drama and life theatrical work. For instance this ” the heart is resided ” the story about deal house, it is the life story that everybody can experience. Regrettablly the director Teng Huatao of this drama, a motion picture was carried 2009 ” humble abode ” touched countless people. After 13 years, director Teng Huatao filmed again this theme, this is true from won at the beginning, prep let alone the cast of this drama is very powerful really!

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Hai Qingyi is Teng Huatao like that in directing a heart exclusive female advocate! Write down not clear Teng Huatao to direct He Haiqing collaboration is overmuch little second anyway from ” Wang Gui and An Na ” to ” humble abode ” , go to this again ” the heart is resided ” , it is Teng Huatao should be directed every time, sea Qing Dynasty is exclusive female chair.

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Why the director likes Teng Huatao to become an actor with sea Qing Dynasty, because the ability of sea Qing Dynasty fits the need that Teng Huatao directs too,the likelihood is. In ” the heart is resided ” in this drama, sea Qing Dynasty acts a pregnant foreign wife. – ->Write on the face full ” change destiny ” , the speech of stand out. And ambitious to this kind disposition, to this kind of ambitious woman, often be she wants to reach what goal, final destiny always can give her heavy biff.

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For instance she wants to buy big house, had wanted to go up the life of wealthy person. But reality is the husband,die suddenly, each is preventing husband’s family person she, and this kind of inherent and ambitious woman, face this kind of predicament how to should struggle, how should strike back. Performing art circle to have sea Qing Dynasty only really this woman can the interest that the show struggles that, really only Hai Qingcai has the sort of contending for at a heat spirit. Of course besides sea Qing Dynasty, teng Huatao returned sea Qing Dynasty to look for a particularly likely opponent in this drama.

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That is female 2 Tong Yao! Before some year, tong Yao is likely unknown to public. But these a few years of Tong Yao are really abrupt with respect to fire. From ” great river great river ” in the elder sister of tender goodness, arrive ” 30 just ” in ambitious Gu Jia, arrive again ” traitor ” medium subterranean worker. Can saying Tong Yao makes fun of each times a few this years is to explode paragraph, each play is quite accurate.

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And this Tong Yao and the collaboration with clear sea, and still perform adversary to make fun of, let a person feel good-looking really. One is to see appearance know ambitious actress solely, one is appearance effeminate, strike back force pole considers fine by force actually. These two women are in this ” the heart is resided ” medium engage in a battle, from let a person expect at the beginning. More what is more,the rather that of personate of this Tong Yao rich still, have colour great aunt elder sister, and of sea clear personate is grievance cling to cling to ab extra daughter-in-law, this kind of strange combination itself is interesting. This ” the heart is resided ” besides Haiqing and Tong Yao these two actress are worth to expect beyond, hero also has a hotspot quite.

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For instance most the Zhang Song article that lets me expect. From ” secret corner ” begin, the film to later ” sweep black decisive battle ” , zhang Song article proved him by actual strength really is the involuntary discharge of urine in middleaged actor bead. And this he still goes out act ” the heart is resided ” subject matter of theatrical work of this kind of life. Itself took the field that he is good at fitly namely.

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Actor of clique of the last actual strength is Feng Shaofeng. From ” palace ” to ” know to deny ” , feng Shaofeng is childe specialist all the time, this dabble arrives modern city drama, feng Shaofeng can exhibit skill eventually. Can say this ” the heart is resided ” these 4 actual strength send an actor to press an axis, really firm.

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More what is more,the rather that the gut of this drama also has a hotspot quite! Although look,be in ” humble abode ” in the story that tell is similar, still be ordinary common people buys the room, story that sells a house, still be for the life, the story that struggles ceaselessly. But this ” the heart is resided ” , still have different place. Although still be in,that is around move the house says a thing, ab extra daughter-in-law wants to change a big house, native wants to buy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, the person of every estate has his trouble. But in the final analysis, the connotation of this drama or the ego that are telling a wife grow, still telling feminine value to reflect. The sea is for instance clear this ab extra daughter-in-law of personate, want to look for great aunt elder sister to borrow money to buy a house namely at the beginning.

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After but be in,the husband dies, experience breaks down too, experience comes too after dark hour, she realized the value of self-worth suddenly again, she realized the value that relies on others to be inferior to relying on his hard suddenly again. Again for instance the great aunt elder sister of Tong Yao personate, for the dream in the heart, shine marriage shine from, after experiencing the going-over that get along, eventually recognize the truth of the life, stood afresh eventually. Can say this theatrical work one layer upon layer pared the truth of the life, everybody thinks had a house to have safe feeling, but have true recognize only,the talent of life truth knows.

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The house cannot bring safe sense, to the acknowledge of ego, face difficulty, the courage that never shrinks back, just be real safe sense. The heart has huge rock, install does this ability call a heart. So apparently see this ” the heart is resided ” it is the thing that saying a room, still be actually about growing, about the teleplay of courage. And this kind of teleplay, give they come to sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao piece act, can explode really, do you feel? Was opposite, this drama can have been in certainly CCTV broadcasted 8 sets, do you expect this drama market? Welcome everybody to leave a message to discuss with me! Civil / the recreational diary of fine fine achieves Piao article copyright formerly: The recreational diary of fine fine asks what do not have any forms to reprint without accredit

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