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Original title: ” the heart resides ” origianl work: See Li Li ” maiden first pregnant ” , just know Shi Yuan why to divorce with Gu Qingyu Consider Qingyu and Shi Yuan, classmate of since elementary school, also be neighbour. Green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, first awakening of love, shi Yuan is the good boy that considers the bear in mind constantly end Qing Yuxin. Shi Yuan is awaited in those days like to wear white shirt, wear glasses of a pair of black edges, clean and bright, consider the girl idea of clear Yu Chanchun, with respect to drawing of such the source that be applied.

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The achievement that use a source is outstanding, not be bookish however, he is good at English, still meet a bit Russian and Japanese, basketball is hit very well, talk again piano; It is the child of family background of large family family after all, appearance temperament, the ways one gets along with others, of naturally extraordinary, ” the heart resides ” write in origianl work:

“Resemble a bundle of orchid in weed clump. So appearance schoolboy appears some are comical, but means is good. His parents is educated youth, in Xinjiang. He is brought up by the grandma. , he is received to go by parents Xinjiang. He is received to go by parents Xinjiang..

Before Shi Yuan and departure of the Yu that consider Qing Dynasty, ceng Xu leaves junior promise, shi Yuan says he can take an examination of a Shanghai certainly, will look for Gu Qingyu again; Gu Qingyu believes, those who await first love return.

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“Holiday marriage ” meet first love two people are fastened, it is more than 20 years, shi Yuan is not heard of any more, will not go to an appointment with Gu Qingyu; Gu Qingyu is searching Shi Yuan’s whereabouts hard, but boundless and indistinct sea of faces, want to find one individual easier said than done. After Shi Yuan leaves, gu Qingyu is trying to interact with different man, but lack the impulse that talks about marriage talking to marry; Seem to part company also won’t let her feel particularly sad, because of those men later, like doing not have a person to be able to resemble Shi Yuan, in her inmost air plant. Gu Qingyu is returned 36 years old lone and maiden, old father worries about for him, the kin in the home is eristic to her in succession, gu Qingyu is right oneself marriage, how many some are dicey.

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Compared with the love that goes talking about a put up with, be being looked attentively at by lay eye knot legitimate child, gu Qingyu is fond of an energy to be put on the career more; She also has profitable talent very much really, realized financial freedom early. Gu Qingyu to buy the 2nd house, had the idea that seeks a Shanghai man holiday to marry, one continuous line of house property intermediary serves, recommended luxurious village to her not only, still arranged to her ” object ” . “Holiday marriage ” this thing is much some rarer cannot go up mesa, two people are for the interest, regarded marriage as tool, woman to buy a house, man to earn ” poundage ” ; After the thing is become, pat two medicinal powder, also calculate jubilate severally. Gu Qingyu cherishs the mood of perturbed, saw intermediary gives the false marriage that what she introduces the target, did not think of that man, it is the first love Shi Yuan that she searchs more than 20 years painstakingly however. Bag bag turns, search look for to look for, it is however with meet again of this kind of means, the embarrass of the destiny, let person sigh, also let a person consider do not appear.

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Gu Qingyu ” be lovelorn ” Gu Qingyu and the mood that Shi Yuan restrains him as far as possible, once the girl became light bright beautiful beautiful woman of riches and honour, and the teenager of the high-spirited and vigorous in memory, not answer in those days expression. ” the heart is resided ” in origianl work, intermediary won’t talk, saying those who do to use a source is ” flesh business ” , two girls cast adjacent desk peculiar eye, write in the book:

“He is made only do not know, the hand that takes coffee is reliable — if the person places him low cannot again small position, do not have again awe-stricken. All the different kind all but. All the different kind all but..

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Those who use a source is decadent and abjection, it is macroscopical, he is badly in need of spending money, just can do holiday marriage so such livelihood, to him this is planted for the person, marital meaning is poundage of that brushstroke pen nevertheless. The five flavors in the Yu Xin that consider Qing Dynasty is miscellaneous old, on one hand, she is surprizing to her encounter Shi Yuan afresh; On the other hand, use the variation of the source, also make her faint feel disappointed. But the poor and pedantic that Gu Qingyu does not mind Shi Yuan, she does not lack cash, the room has a car, what be short of alone only is the love that can yield her to remember to the end of one’s life, of Shi Yuan appear, seem at a draught with respect to fill she in more than 20 years of feeling be short of break.

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Gu Qingyu visits the place that he stays in secretly, that is a city the sore of flourishing backside wounds, dirty random difference does not say, still have the woman with Li low in that way Li, when Rangshiyuan goes abroad, help her buy underwear incidentally. Gu Qingyu is enough and intelligent astute, but go up in love alone only, she just is average young woman, shi Yuan makes her random condition, mind inquietude; Gu Qingyu did not care about she and the difference that use a source, heart heart reads aloud read aloud want to become holiday marriage marry really.

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” the heart is resided ” in origianl work, the Yu Xiang that consider Qing Dynasty applies confess of source deep feeling:

“You do not know, encounter you afresh, I have how to jubilate. No matter you are the Shi Yuan in my impression, no matter I have how accident, shock, it is disappointed even. Can encounter you, I go a kind of tune only now, jubilate namely. Jubilate extremely. I hope this paragraph of road does not have an end even, you can be waited for all the time on board, for company I. For company I..

Compared with Gu Qingyu, shi Yuan is gotten calmly much, he is prim signed the agreement before marriage with Gu Qingyu; The contract expires, shi Yuan is decisive put forward to divorce, he and Gu Qingyu, still missed after all.

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Of Shi Yuan ” secret anguish ” Shi Yuan is not pair of Gu Qingyu to do not have feeling, gu Qingyu is his first love likewise, read ” the heart is resided ” origianl work just knows, why does Shi Yuan want to divorce with Gu Qingyu stoutly. After Shi Yuan grandma dies, apply the home to chase fadeout to fall, once large family other people, become the family member is aloof, favor is thin; Shi Yuan wants to return Shanghai, join the person that stops him is done not have however. Shi Yuan can rely on the university entrance exam to change a destiny only, but very regrettablly, his difference was not taken an examination of a few minutes on answer dawn, the university entrance exam is volunteer error of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, one Lu after all, can read a common specialized subject only. Shi Yuan read tourism school, the to apply for a job after graduation is not suitable, became common conduct a sightseeing tour, he does not like to rush about in that way vagrant job, but to live, shi Yuan can stoop to compromise.

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Maternal sicken, the saving is covered by the stock market again prison, reality and ideal difference, like cold water of a basin, irrigate Deshiyuan to unaware; Once the teenager of great-hearted pride, became feel in ground floor climb roll hit middleaged man, to earn money, self-respect also can walk below sole. The self-distrust that use a source and face go going to Gu Qingyu’s the Old Testament, let the look that she sees him be frustrated can’ts bear with its, still be inferior to leaving green happiness in each other memory.

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Consider Qingyu and Shi Yuan, through burnish of more than 20 years, each other are early did not match; Limelight is filling Gu Qingyu, and Shi Yuan still is in crack earn one’s tucker, such fall, enough the amour that destroys one Duan Zhen earnest. Shi Yuan also is trying to renew leading edge with Gu Qingyu, before two people get a marriage certificate, shi Yuan takes Gu Qingyu designedly went to his home, ” the heart resides ” write in origianl work:

“She understands his meaning. everything some earlier lay open, by her decide. Fair to her, he also calm. Life a lot of problems are fact of empty false or true. Love is empty, marriage is solid.

Though at present talks about marriage to return premature, but as the man, this means is little not. Ought not to make the woman passive. It is place falls at ahull more, it is to want to say early more.

Authority of know the inside story is a foundation. How many does he earn every months, live where, parents how. These are good target. Disposition disposition those, be the thing from the back. Be the thing from the back..

Shi Yuan is actualer than Gu Qingyu.

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Of Li Li ” choice ” Gu Qingyu thinks innocently, marry this thing, the emotional base that two people have first love is enough, once two people have tacit agreement very much together, she stands toward alley mouth, he knows she wants to take oily a block of wood or stone; Her err problem, he gives her to solve with respect to patient ground. Actually these, can’t prop up a paragraph of perfect marriage far. Apply source and Gu Qingyu, early the person that is not a world, two people are destined the spouse of match each other in strength. Use two wives beside the source, marrying Gu Qingyu is his make friends with a man of higher position, marry Li Li, it is Li Li is married high.

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” the heart is resided ” mention in origianl work, the place that Li Li stays in and Home Shi Yuan leave not far, she is foreigner, aquatic product sells in food market, the person grows not uglily, but go up personally ” Babbitt is angry ” resemble fishlike smell same, be not masked. The friend all round often leaves Li Li and the fun that use a source, two people relation is ambiguous, li Li is put so that leave, do not mind people to say word of her meat or fish. Gu Qingyu does not look to go up Li Li this kind of woman, feel she is pink of commonplace fat common, class is too low; Li Li found Gu Qingyu however, with face-off of the Yu that consider Qing Dynasty, say oneself conceived Shi Yuan’s flesh and blood. Li Li says he loves Shi Yuan very much, but outside the word in the word, not be to want to let Gu Qingyu let Shi Yuan to her however, want registered permanent residence and money however, gu Qingyu feels disgusted very much, ” the heart resides ” write in origianl work:

“That twinkling, she gives resentment a few minutes to Shi Yuansheng suddenly. It is him, her the condition with so awkward park. Let her be before the Philistine woman of fishlike smell of this all over the body, aggressive is gotten indescribable. Those distain usually the setting of the utmost, two female contend for one male, first wife is fought small 3, quarrel from jealousy in bits and pieces, fall on him head at the moment. Unluckily adversary or in that way woman. Unluckily adversary or in that way woman..

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Gu Qingyu for humiliate Li Li, introduced a widower that does security personnel to her, more than 50 years old, without without female, shanghai has two flatlet, eye strabismus, conversation returns a thick-tongued person. Did not think of Li Li agreed actually, she cherished Shi Yuan’s child to marry this old man, gu Qingyu is casual facilitated one picket happy event, gu Qingyu says:

“Do a wife euqally, actually I compare their feel vexed. Their train of thought wants relaxed much. Their train of thought wants relaxed much..

Li Li uses a source without dead knock, it is not quite good because of the condition that use a source, cannot give her love again, get away of Li Li sober ground leaves, continue no longer and use time of source fritter away.

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Li Li has explored to use a source, she plans to demand abortive money to him, return invigorative loss expenses, ” the heart resides ” write in origianl work:

“Need not much, 100 thousand enough. Also not be the problem of money actually. Had an affair with with him these year, it is down him by him, both sides of male and female is not quits, love and do not love secondarily, the key is hold back is bent. The key is hold back is bent..

If do not have,meet with the Yu Chong that consider Qing Dynasty, hope he can marry Li Li in Home Shi Yuan, parents does not look to go up Li Li, but actual condition is placed over, shi Yuan has run quickly 4, after all is legitimate child wanting a written guarantee. Li Li loves Shi Yuan, yuan Chao crosses Shi Yuan to love Li Li, shi Yuan is right she, just be the pastime when loneliness, li Li is maiden first pregnant, say to Shi Yuan oneself were pregnant, the terrified that use a source was in over there. Use the response of the source, be the answer actually, li Li sought chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position to oneself, say oneself are joking, shi Yuan becomes aware suddenly relaxed, he had not wanted to want to bear the blame to Li Li at all.

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Li Li is right Shi Yuan, cannot fall cruel-hearted, she let off Shi Yuan. Shi Yuan and Li Li ” hand in joyous ” , because he can get,be, have Li Li only the sort of woman, his look down upon Li Li, so he knows very well the taste that is underestimated in feeling. Before Gu Qingyu, shi Yuan is located, is why the position of Li Li? Li Li can abandon make friends with a man of higher position using a source, shi Yuan also can abandon make friends with a man of higher position considering clear Yu, li Li says very rightly, the most important in feeling is reciprocity of male and female.

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Write finally to a word says very well:

“The impoverished family of ground floor of an one’s previous experience grows old man, no matter experience the affairs of human life of how many, the self-abased feeling of the small family other people in the sort of bedrock, encounter liberaling family to grow spew of the meeting when the woman that come out and piece.

Large family once was in Home Shi Yuan, but did not get since he is ten years old did not have a bottom to enrage, ground floor of more than 20 years lives, let him stay 3 minutes only ” boy result ” ; Before the Gu Qingyu that buys ten million house property, shi Yuan is self-abased arrived in one’s heart.

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Be matched for marriage is best, the humanness of parents of former unripe family conducts oneself in society, lifestyle, just be the key with long marriage. Love is OK wind,flowers,snow and moon, marriage wants balance advantages and disadvantages, someone says:

“True be well-matched in social and economic status, it is to show two the individual’s families are full of degree on one hand, the economic standard of two people is well_matched, it is the thinking mode that points to two people on the other hand, with the manner that humanness conducts oneself in society, the understanding degree of view of philosophy, viewpoint of value, love, world outlook has general character. The understanding degree of view of philosophy, viewpoint of value, love, world outlook has general character..

Best husband and wife, either each other were encountered in best age, however the ablution that two people experienced harships jointly, become from now on more department of heart heart photograph, conjugal love is happy. More than 20 years of Shi Yuan and departure of the Yu that consider Qing Dynasty, experience is different, circumstances day is fastened poorly, light relies on one paper contract, cannot let two people become true husband and wife, shi Yuan and Gu Qingyu divorce, just be inevitable.

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