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Original title: Sow 2 collect, press sheet of a list of names posted up the first, fabaceous piece is big reputably, play of war of espionage of peak of bovine fine horse by what so horizontal Espionage battle subject matter holds position in domain of movie and TV all the time. This year, the film that acts the leading role by Wang Yibo ” anonymous ” can saying is to suffer an audience to expect fully. Already the Wang Yibo of market of film of fight in some places one by one, still obtain CCTV reputably, look Wang Yibo wants successful transition really. Besides espionage fight movies, espionage war play also is an audience love most. This year most the espionage battle theatrical work that gets attention should be ” very close to each other ” . Country drama Wang Likun of god of Yan Nv of element of partner of Jin Dong of one elder brother, the solid muscularity Ga such as Wang Zhiwen. The battle array is very formidable.

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Announcement, the audience does not sit, clench of wonderful gunfight camera lens the line of sight of the audience, be concerned about and tension are dye-in-the-wood, after broadcasting, be sure to become classical.

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However, be in ” very close to each other ” before arrival, by Niu Junfeng, the first of the main actor ” marvelous Miss D ” it is espionage war play confuse ” those who satisfy a craving for delicious food make ” . Broadcast only two collect, was introduced to a list of names posted up of platform age a list of names posted up head, person energy of life is climbed continuously litre.

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At the same time ” marvelous Miss D ” also can balance public praise directly, fabaceous valve 5 stars are like 4 stars reputably wet, so why Niu Junfeng is play of this espionage war so horizontal?

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010-101 ” marvelous Miss D ” told about Ding Yiqing (Zhang Jing appearance) story, she is Ning Bo, a daughter of wealthy businessman, in the 2 elder brother that will to Shanghai search her to be missing at the beginning of 1930. In turbulent years, ding Yiqing got acquainted with subterranean worker Lin Mo to be born (Niu Junfeng) , Dong Gongyu, the person such as Du Ying. Then, the person such as Ding Yiqing devotes into revolutionary career, be in Shanghai, great revolution job is finished for many times on economic battle line, for ideal prospective combustion youth.

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Two years of good espionage battle theatrical work are not much recently. Mention espionage war play, audience or meeting think of ” gules ” , ” kite ” , ” the person that pretend ” wait for classic work. Discover not hard, these espionage battle theatrical work present with male perspective.

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But ” marvelous Miss D ” perspective of side overweight female, the growing course of focusing female revolutionary. Such design is in domain of espionage war play really very novel, also can attract the eyeball of woman audience.

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Of course, the attraction with espionage war the biggest play depends on gut. ” marvelous Miss D ” gut is straight white, be full of espionage battle breath. Feminine Dingyi is green, just went to Shanghai dock, produced pop event, whole port city a panic, people everywhere become separated in flight.

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It understands Shanghai in very direct at the beginning the earth’s surface, of current condition queasy with the disorder, also make the audience is enmeshed in the clue instantly. Female later advocate peace male advocate distributed two stories line. Advertisement searchs fourth Yiqingdeng the 2 elder brother that be missing, be cheated to enter bagnio accidentally however, the story was full of dramatic. The audience guesses next stage in succession is ” the hero saves the United States ” the bridge paragraph, but play of female espionage war does sth unconventional or unorthodox, female advocate dissolve the crisis by right of resource, the person of both brave and resourceful also alludes her to those who become subterranean worker go qualitative.

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The espionage battle feeling of before two collect basically originates male advocate Linmosheng, story line. Linmosheng is investigating case of subterranean worker murder. The traitor first time that he finds escapes, the 2nd times fine long hair jumps forthwith the building commits suicide. The subterranean organization of Shanghai was full of doubtful point, complete trice the appetite of the audience. The boss Dong Gongyu that subsequently Lin Mo gives birth to"> finds Ding Yiqing, claim to know him 2 elder brother, ding Yiqing believes temporarily, accepted Dong Gongyu to seek the help of English teacher for her, and this teacher is male advocate Linmosheng, two stories line at this point confluent, gut design is clever, join natural, be worth to look.

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Complete an actual strength clique, zhang Jing appearance is too bright eye ” marvelous Miss D ” cast does not calculate powerful, discharge of two main actors is general, but acting can be encircled however can nod, agree with part height. Say appearance of female view Jing first, not only Yan Zhi is online, actual strength also not common, by right of in ” the sky of wind dog teenager ” medium outstanding acting gives a group successfully.

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And in the Zhang Jing in new theatrical work this appearance lets an audience shine at the moment again, the fourth easy young girl of her personate feels dye-in-the-wood, taking young and ignorant, go the photo studio enquires whereabouts of 2 elder brother does not have fruit hind, expressional lose, still have a few even self-condemned, look popular in one soft.

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In the meantime, zhang Jing appearance also deduces Ding Yiqing quick-witted and bravely at the same time incisively and vividly, be bound after bagnio, fourth Yi Qingxian is anger, terrified, but the opportunity that discovery can run away, the eyes is crafty, as if there is selfish calculations in the heart, clever and bright look is vivid and lovely, the performance is natural and smooth.

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Male advocate Niu Junfeng also is an actual strength the group is small unripe, no matter be ” laugh slightly very bend city ” the Yu Banshan in, or ” Chu Qiao is passed ” the impression that the abundant Wang Yuansong in gave an audience to leave profundity.

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Be in this ” marvelous Miss D ” in, the wind that the Lin Mo of personate of peak of bovine fine horse gives birth to to have subterranean worker too model, when the message that make visit, before one second returns genial smile, below one second hears clew eyes to become immediately acumen swift and fierce, gas field closes put freely, acting is beyond question.

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Be worth what carry is, ” marvelous Miss D ” in return those who have Ceng Li to join in, the Dong Gongyu of her personate in drama is an experienced subterranean worker, composed and sober, with female advocate when Ding Yiqing is contacted, the manner is gentle, let a person cannot help putting down guard against, ceng Li’s condition is not decreased in those days.

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Altogether, ” marvelous Miss D ” gut is straighter white, put in difference really with play of classical espionage war, but of female perspective appear to also calculate novel, and the actors in drama also comparative to horn is modelled lubriciously a colour. This drama updates at present only 2 collect, the photograph will be more more wonderful than follow-up gut, want to develop stability only, have become explode of the paragraph go qualitative, so do you feel this teleplay is good-looking?

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