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Original title: ” meet season ” big ending, jian Ning two animosity, be dissolved by tear of a window with iron grating? ? Teleplay ” meet season ” gut too kink. Jian Hening is familial between 20 old bitter enemy maintain all the time in the disorder. The animosity of generation continues to next generation on. Must we experience this loop all the time? Jian Hongcheng has a working elder sister and a not sensible elder brother. Have an exaggerated mother and an elder brother of black belly rather. Grasp maintain love and peace grand become and easy, cannot dissolve two animosity apparently.

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Zhang Lixin took the lead in experiencing the tear of a window with iron grating. He is him the foundling of that times. 20 old before, he was married brief familial daughter, maintained brief familial industry, become company boss very quickly from average young worker, realized the leap of the class. His viewpoint and mode of operation do not follow to go up the tide of the times. Company gradually downhill, be heavily in debt. In peace, persuade below, he carries paragraph abscond. Zhang Lixin is not a rascal. His nature is not bad. He is protecting peaceful brother little sister. He is in brief they were helped when the home is the most helpless. Face unsuccessful career, he becomes greedy. He deserves the punishment finally, was sentenced 10 years.

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In ” meet season ” in big ending, the animosity between Jian Hening is dissolved by the tear of hind of a window with iron grating. Because empty opens bill of value added tax, white rich beautiful Cheng Kexin realizes he is used, decisive part company with peace, decide to bear bilk consequence actively. Brief great plan and Cheng Kexin are brought up together, it is the son of personal enemy rather, the feeling that he uses a friend is brief familial revenge. Brief absorbed brief great plan is vent one’s anger cruel make peace, cause peaceful epileptic show effect, be sent toward hospital rescue. Brief great plan commits intended harm crime. The little brother faces the disaster of bagnio, elder sister Jian Minmin also does not sit. She a person does not have the child. She is clearly to the preference of brief future, and her little brother cannot be imprisoned. Brief threw this question brief Hong Cheng, let him solve peaceful domestic problem. The contradiction between Jian Hening upgraded, he is helpless to this.

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As a result of provoke, benefit rolls next stair carelessly, face life risk, contradiction erupts thoroughly. Cui grand father drops the building dies, maternal life and death is unidentified, cummer also left. Was annoyed to develop brains rather, retaliation undertakes in the home that develops Jian Minmin. Female of many years old 40 and male of many years old 30 have on physiology very big different. Brief grab fruit knife defend oneself. Be in two people push and shove when, jian Hongcheng arrived in time. Stabbed Jian Hongcheng not carefully when preparation takes a knife rather. On the tragedy of generation was duplicated magically by them.

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Brief great plan entered a prison, entered a prison rather, jian Hening entered a prison together. With blackart conquer blackart, miserable family greeted Jian Hening to reconcile eventually. It is painful to realize oneself error and abreact to innocent family member intelligent the reason that the tragedy that realizes the husband has her, and chose to put down. Jian Hong pursues and not be together rather. They put the dear one in the first. They are a fated pair after all.

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