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Original title: 7 collect of mad Lu are decisive enter pit! This ” firm theatrical work ” is those who explode more than be measure? These year come, paragraph Yi Hong gives the motion picture that performed a lot of ill will, ” blizzard general comes ” and ” heart of burning sun bright ” . No matter which is in homebred crime suspect in drama, calculate going up is highest grade. Current, by Duan Yi the new theatrical work of grand main actor is in on in the line.

20220320070804 6236d2d4392d4

7 collect of mad Lu, this ” double explore ” do not make a person very hard decisive enter pit. After all, paragraph Yi Hong never performs sodden theatrical work, also won’t make everybody disappointed because of his acting. Accordingly, in play ” double explore ” after begin, when Duan Yi grand aspic is gotten two buccal aglow when, his hair and face freeze. The instant, the audience was taken in frozen atmosphere.

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Without doubt, this, ” double explore ” the partner of a brutal drama that is paragraph of Yi Hong is the roc with ceaseless in recent years controversy, but his acting and director level are walking out of circle step by step. From drama the name can see, it told about to be mixed by roc the story of paragraph of double-faced and emissary group that Yi Hong forms

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Layer upon layer inverting gut, the truth of complicated and confusing, be enmeshed the picture of type feels character, ” double explore ” had the possibility that explodes greatly again. The net is the measure a standard-sized sheet of subject matter with guilty suspect on drama market, of another ceiling of guilty suspense make drama often be on dimensions more give prize. ” double explore ” not exceptional also. Rolled out two case at the beginning. A case is a little girl was kidnapped. Another example is roc, those who act is errant, his father is killed, even his tongue also is cut off. Little girl is the classmate of the Li Huiyan’s son of paragraph of Yi Hong personate fitly

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Somehow, double tower of this China northeast, small town, make errant He Lihui phlogistic, meet by chance. Because of environment of northeast and cold snowy, the hematic feature that murder case resembles a red is euqally striking. The person that lets bleed in snow communicates anguish can intuitionisticly to the audience.

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This measure appears in guilty suspense drama only ability is more reasonable. The murderer of these two cases is same individual, bai Shibo is special. Sober cold-blooded eyes, it is only those who communicate an audience is fierce. The colleague that this also is Li Huiyan is investigating the matter that gets hurt in the process of this case, because these rascal are enough marble.

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Can say to just open a 7 market, ” double explore ” placed integral fundamental key. Plus environment and camera lens and lamplight cooperate adequately, give a person the depressive sense of a kind of extreme. Beyond question, ” double explore ” the work of a ceiling that is guilty suspect. Actual strength sends hurricane acting, be worthy of is paragraph of Yi Hong, or ” double explore ” , because,be at the beginning dimensions, tarry audience. After all ” sweep black storm ” can erupt in be made nearly, have very big concern with measure. But ” double explore ” it is measure not only, still have the actor’s acting.

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Be called ” bedlamite ” paragraph of Yi Hong, the phase was opened in snow. Giving the straight impressions of the audience to suffer is, he attacks really Xue Li, freeze senselessly. But send an actor as an actual strength, he had let an audience experience his limit. But he still can output stable acting below the circumstance of such extreme.

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Duan Yi grand, all over the face aglow, look still vigilant, taking a fear even. After changing camera lens however, fall on snow ground when him, head on and when the light that come is illuminated on his face. It is blurred eyes, cadaverous lip. condition, this lets an audience take environment and person at a draught in. Go out for many times perform gumshoe paragraph of Yi Hong of this kind of part, not be the 1st perform such character get thorough popular feeling. This he still is applied the eyes acme. It is the eye that passes through paragraph of Yi Hong only, the idea careful that had let an audience see a person and composed.

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But the identity that casts gumshoe. Became a common middleaged man when him, became one face drowsiness, condition is flabby, the town that carrying chamber pot is small civilian figure. It is to be in only ” double explore ” in this drama, paragraph the much face acting that Yi Hong let an audience experience him.

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With such ” play bedlamite ” partner pressure has how big, can be imagined. But of this roc those who show person expect is good. relatively be in at him before drama is made in in light of the part of explanation, apparent and errant some less droll, instead is more alert and resourceful and rigorous. Also carrying a cold blood of course. And on these disposition idiosyncratic, it is perforative as much in the acting in roc, for instance his begin is the dead’s encoffin. Although wearing guaze mask, but what his eye can let an audience see him however is preoccupied.

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And leave deep impressional to still have Ceng Meihui Zi to the audience likewise, be worthy of is gold resembles shadow hind. Come on the stage do not have completely any God package, instead resembling is in old forest the life is protected for years forest member. Quan Suyan go into battle, eyes show is same very reach the designated position.

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Besides, still have Xing Jiadong, the actual strength such as Liu Weiwei sends an actor, it is to be able to use the eyes to be able to output a mood as much, build a character. These actors assemble together, it is to be undoubtedly ” double explore ” the acting water for use that this drama makes drives convoy. Had looked ” double explore ” , still must say to plaint, paragraph guilty suspense drama of Yi Hong just is true Yyds.

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