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Original title: Bomb of take turns of new in November theatrical work, liu Xueyi new theatrical work bumps into Chen Xingxu archives, is Yang Rong ” female 2 ” ? ! ! A few days ago, because goose factory was released 2022 the section of goose factory, just just begin to heat up search, want to say to also did not have an end 2021, I am awaiting the arrival 2022 all the time. But, a lot of teleplay are worth to look this year, wonderful thing stays at the back. Arrived the fourth quarter, good teleplay begins to come on stage. Arrived this month in November, new teleplay is ordinal the mode open of bomb.

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On November 9, of Chen Xingxu ” see admire ” with Liu Xueyi ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” will broadcast that day. The cast of two teleplay is very powerful, the actor’s face is very fine also, can let audience big feast one’s eyes on absolutely.

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” see admire ” grant to wait with Chen Xingxu, Zhang Yi, Lin Yanjun, Chen Xin for leading role, continuous heavy rain of of Shuai Tan of Tan Jiajun’s teenager (Chen Xingxu is acted the role of) with Shanghai the 1000th Jin Muqing (Zhang Yi is acted the role of) get acquainted with accidentally, be in eventful autumn Shanghai beach, two people fight brave to arrive to strike back federally from original battle of wits, love mediumly to the heart again

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The most important is, the men and women of this teleplay advocate CP sense is very strong really. Previously teleplay piece when the flower has not broadcasted, two people hand in hand Reuter is brushed wildly by the netizen screen says ” too marvellous ” . And the Chen Xingxu of the person that act of continuous heavy rain of hero Tan suits the Republic of China to install very much really, wear military uniform to let a person feel healthy atmosphere, temperament was grasped to die by him.

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The 0.10-3010 that with 0.10-3010 same day broadcasts also is worth an audience to expect. ” see admire ” although do not have ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” propagandist force of the left and right sides, heat also is less than ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” the left and right sides, but cast is open-eyed have a surprise absolutely at this teleplay.

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” see admire ” year leading role of male and female is Zhang Xi and Liu Xueyi respectively. A lot of people evaluate Zhang Xi is ” the face that grew madam of warlord of the Republic of China ” . Male Liu Xueyi need not say oneself, ” see admire ” year Lin Xiaozhuang still stays in the heart deeply up to now. If these two people can perform theatrical work of the Republic of China together,regular meeting frightens people. 102- ->

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Although Liu Xueyi gives the role of villain in drama that perform to let a person be hated the tooth is crawlily, for instance ” day Ji ” the day emperor in, ” coloured glaze ” the Hao Chen in / Bai Di, but it is however in his real world ” of foolish foolish ” the person is set, do that paragraph climb you had looked? Cannot be in up to now everybody the efface in the heart.

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” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” told about probably female advocate discovery male friend is off the rails during Xu Qingyou and the male friend that are in love 10 years marry, right now with male advocate Molingze encountering, two people leave the reason that indissoluble in the knot below the dim light of night. Still have, ” see admire ” it is in actor cruel broadcasts, ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” be broadcast in mango, two drama can be chased after together. Besides these two drama, still have ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” calm archives November 8, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” calm archives November 10, ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” calm archives November 26.

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Most those who let me feel surprizing still is ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” this drama, listening to a name to know is the big play that gives priority to with the female. Classics of this drama all previous 80 days film ended, although look two many short month, but look from the road that gives off the stage photo that come and exposure at present fully, everybody or very of the intention going making this work.

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The main actor of this drama also is everybody’s very familiar actor, it is Jiang Qin respectively diligent, Yang Rong, Zhang Huiwen, Mao Zijun, Xu Haiqiao, and this drama or ” inheritance of the culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine ” drama, premonitory in have a list of plays related spin, this should be about Suzhou embroidery, the story of inheritance of culture of a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread. And in this drama, yang Rong caused my attention, she goes out in this drama those who act is female advocate rival in love, be female are 2 people set? Yang Rong of on the net one search, immediately afterwards the keyword is ” play a favourite by sb in power is not red, all ages is female 2. ” be affixed so a label, who is be afraid of also won’t glad, but this is a fact.

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Yang Rong is in recreation to encircle personally, go out old, still first the heart is changeless, do not contend for do not grab, silent all the time intention acts in a play, resembling is girl of department of a Buddha. And go out this act ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” also be pulled all right by Yu Zhengjiang. Yang Rong has taken the scenario of a lot of villain in drama, and female advocate play is very few really, having impressional exclusively is ” beauty is made ” . Nevertheless this also is a kind of her lifestyle, the life of stand aloof from the worldly affairs makes a lot of people colourful admire instead!

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