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Original title: ” jade bone Yao ” Guanxuan placard, does vermicelli made from bean starch say with respect to one Zhang Tu comparing 10 minutes of video return bright? ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” , of this drama exit, let a lot of audiences that await Xiao Zhan lose a hope again. Although be in ” Chen Qing makes ” later, xiao Zhan got a lot of good resource, but only ” fight Luo Daliu ” drama appeared leading role. ” wolf highness ” in personate bug bug 2, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in Yan Bing cloud is only in later period drama brief come on the stage.

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Nowadays, xiao Zhan’s vermicelli made from bean starch people be badly in need of acting the leading role by Xiao Zhan ” drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences ” at present, ” jade bone Yao ” release placard again, it is vermicelli made from bean starch undoubtedly people a hope. Ancient costume drama is expert good fun of Xiao Zhan, he is ” jade bone Yao ” medium absolutely hero. Simple sense still does not consider the picture that can see this play from this piece of placard merely too poor. The Xiao Zhan of a suit white garment, with the Ren Min of a suit red garment, stand far apart facing each other, promoted an audience the expectation to this drama again. 00-101 ” jade bone Yao ” distance placard, a lot of netizens begin to expect this theatrical work, even vermicelli made from bean starch expresses ” with respect to a piece the picture surpasses 10 minutes of video. Even vermicelli made from bean starch expresses ” with respect to a piece the picture surpasses 10 minutes of video..

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Tall Yan Zhi of Xiao Zhan is not blown absolutely. Be in ” jade bone Yao ” in placard, he is shutting an eye to rely on to be in truncal on, the Xiao Zhan of white flower and white is all round, bring the sense of a kind of boyhood to the audience. Although be this in drama,of his personate is Zhu Yan, the Great Master is in season, but such Great Master won’t let a person feel mature not only, pure and fresh instead and free from vulgarity.

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The dress resembling battle in placard experts very simply. There are any decorative pattern adornments on long gown, even her hair is very simple also. But stereo facial features, the face with trenchant edges and corners, the dashing eyebrows of multicoloured, magnified again appearance advantage of Xiao Zhan, be worthy of is ancient costume male god! Wear the Ren Min of red garment, also be the girl feels dye-in-the-wood, look very clever, although be in before in ancient costume drama, red garment heroine can give a person a kind of black inspect already feeling is amiable. But the tenderness that gules formal attire of Ren Min still let an audience see her.

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Those who be versed in the elegant antediluvian placard like strokes proved this drama again is aesthetic and online. From early the stage photo before can see, of this play take change special intention. Be like the move of battle to install basically is white white clothing, and outfit style of Ren Min is quite changeful. Besides a gules dress, early before the static picture that released dress of a piece of simple but elegant, the Yan Zhi on the net, clever and lovely.

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No matter be placard still makes up,illuminate, there is an umbrella in the in season hand that Xiao Zhan acts. “Maintaining an umbrella is gentleman, the host that holding a sword is ups and downs ” , the part hard to avoid of the personate that resemble battle is attractive extremely.

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Current, xiao Zhan and Ren Min also were full of Cp to feel. Inevitable meeting has affection show in their play, can brush a what kind of scintilla, be worth to expect. Absolutely beautiful antediluvian placard, be like battle to be worthy of is ancient costume male god drama of an ancient costume, enough take seriously take turn path and integral set, can have taken the place of to feel to the audience, ” jade bone Yao ” picking part also is must. The costar in this drama is tall Yan Zhi, be them solely come on the stage can present regale of a vision to the audience.

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Be in ” jade bone Yao ” before, ren Min, without drama of how many ancient costume, and king Chu Ran, in the 2 bugle color of the personate in this drama, having very tall Yan Zhi. From the point of the appearance, than Ren Min, the Zhu Yan of personate is complex, atmosphere is delicate, this also lets a person worry about Ren Min, can be grabbed like that by Wang Chu limelight. The acting of _879c7b4b18ffdc4bb29f13e541cb7b97.jpg-qsy.jpg"> king Chu Ran as much very conspicuous, be in ” Qing Pingle ” in, the high-ranked imperial concubine of her personate one horn is capricious air of arrogance, honest and frank is efficient and able, was to overturn completely her appearance. And in ” Yan Yun stage ” in Gong Nvyu xiao also lets the Bohai Sea of her personate the person shines at the moment. Appearance condition is likewise conspicuous still prince surprises, be in this ” jade bone Yao ” in personate Qing Gang one horn. Depending on ” drive grants small Wu to make ” this drama makes the prince of the circle surprise is to have as much colour have acting, he in stage photo wears robe of a blue, have wind of person of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct quite model.

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And piece had acted ” travel length a song ” , ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince 3 ” the Fang Yilun that waits for work, also be in this ” jade bone Yao ” in the surprise appears, of his personate stop deep one part looks have with other actresses from the appearance of an actor distinguish apparently. More brilliant and cheesy, accord with the audience expectation to Ares completely, can says the immortal picks part.

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Ancient costume the appearance of an actor of Li Mingde lets a person shine at the moment likewise, although before this the drama of his main actor is made,give priority to with contemporary theatrical work, but costar also can leave deep impression to the audience. Be in for instance ” dear has deep love for ” in the your hill of personate one horn, acting is lively and natural, won’t let an audience completely feel sedulous. Although come on the stage,time does not grow, but very denounce happy event, also be this explodes one of parts that the audience in money theatrical work likes most.

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Drama makes many ancient costume appear very cursory when picking part nowadays, no matter actor and part agree, see Ga only the person is angry. From ” jade bone Yao ” choose horn to look, although have not little actor,be new personality to the audience, but their ancient costume plays the part of enough Jing to admire, and agree degree taller, this is made for drama laid a good foundation.

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Expect ” jade bone Yao ” the next time Guan Xuan, can make this theatrical work carry program early!

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