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Original title: ” the heart is resided ” in have 7 Shanghai book actors, zhang Zhihua disappears for ages, engage by special arrangement of peak of Feng carry on goes out act

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By Haiqing and Tong Yao, the main actor’s teleplay ” the heart is resided ” the affection story that related an average household of Shanghai. Although this drama is nodded to be cut with the house, but it announced the life predicament of new Shanghai person.

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Because ” the heart is resided ” story setting happens in Shanghai, we can feel the smoke internal heat of the person on Shanghai, no matter be the relation between the person of dialectal accent or at daggers drawn and person.

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Of gut present energy of life of such ground contact, from the wonderful performance of the actor in opening play. They behave vivid character through holding real sense. Next, can have audience curiosity: The actor in drama who is Shanghai person?

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Feng Xiaoqin is ” foreign girl ” . She is married the reason of common Gu Lei is he has Shanghai number of households and total population, because he has acted,is a house in Shanghai ” humble abode ” and ” settle down ” , and he comes from Nanjing, so sea Qing Dynasty models Feng Xiaoqin this part should be not hard

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Act Gu Qingyu, tong Yao, act ” who says I did not marry ” and ” 30 just ” . In these two drama, she shaped the image of Shanghai elite female. Accordingly, some viewers can think Tong Yao is Shanghai person by accident

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But in fact, tong Yao is not Shanghai, person, however the Kunming person of Cai Zuo south. A word says, be born where to have nothing to do to the feeling of this city and you, because in one’s childhood the brigade of Shanghai has made Tong Yao right this city had special feeling.

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In addition, shanghai and Tong Yao still have another kind of lot, that is depended on namely ” 30 just ” excellent performance, tong Yao won the award of white yulan magnolia that holds in Shanghai

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Tong Yao and sea Qing Dynasty are not Shanghai, person, the part that acts Gu Qingyu’s father so is put on the ice, right? The answer also is negative. The data shows, section ice is Peking Man, although he is in,be graduated from Chinese medium university ” the heart is resided ” in acted faultlessly consider father, but he is not a person really I believe some people can think to act Zhan Xiang, zhang Song article, come from Shanghai, but in fact the answer that this also is a mistake, because Zhang Song article is beautiful,close, cantonese

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Tong Yao and sea Qing Dynasty are not Shanghai, person, section ice and Zhang Song article also are not, so ” is the heart resided ” who is Shanghai person in the actor? See it very elder brother decodes: 1, Zhang Zhihua, Su Wangdi is acted in drama, was born 1958, 64 years old of Su Wangdi consider Mom of clear Yu mother’s eldest sister, although show share is not much, but actor Zhang Zhihua, perform the figure of carline of a Shanghai with masterly acting however lived.

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Baijia_ab2f2249bbb473b31e9a793e22f22be7.jpg-qsy.jpg"> especially uncle mother home is met the show share of relatives by marriage, do not understand formal, however the part figure of keen on face-saving, be deduced to get lifelike by Zhang Zhihua. Someone says Zhang Zhihua is instinctive quality goes out act, I special approbate, because she herself is typical Shanghai person.

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To Zhang Zhihua’s name, young audience may unfamiliar. But going up century 80 time, zhang Zhihua is very famous star however. Because Yan Zhi is online, acting is conspicuous, so Guo Kaimin also likes even the God star at that time to go up she.

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However, the marriage of two people hold together 4 years, because get together,mix less from how disposition disagreement divorced. Because of domestic reason, zhang Zhihua not very appeared in drama of movie and TV later, because this is in ” the heart is resided ” in we see her again, the netizen can cannot help plainting: Zhang Zhihua, disappear for ages!

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Actually, many classical image had been shaped when Zhang Zhihua is young, still had gotten golden eagle award. But because time is ages ago, young audience estimation had not looked mostly. Nevertheless, in Ling Xiao respectful acts the leading role ” the temptation that come home ” in, zhang Zhihua acted the mom that autumn porcelain dazzles, the audience should have memorial place. 2, Yao Yiji, Gu Lei is acted in drama, was born 1989, 33 years old

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Gu Lei this part is already Song interesting part, although did not have a few collect to get offline, but the good impression that Yao of the person that act surprises to depending on outstanding acting and rich expression to win an audience however.

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Yao Yiji is born in Shanghai, ever was in ” the honor that you are me ” , ” have Fei ” , ” the king of the behind the curtain ” the part has been acted in waiting for heat to sow drama. Additional, in Liu Zhenwei hold the film that guide ” boast a beauty ” in, yao Yiji acts old monk Lu Zhi is deep, also make an audience impressive.

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The ancient costume theatrical work that notes so that Yao Yiji still acts the leading role in Guo Qilin ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in personate Feng Yuan, although this is a role that plays soy, but the appearance of foolish of Yao Yiji foolish, the cheek that fleshy toot toots, or very grab lens. 3, Yao Anlian, the father that Shi Yuan acts in drama, was born 1957, 65 years old

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Shi Yuan’s father is acted by An Lian of Yao of old show bone, although come on the stage time is very limited, the performance of Dan Yaoan Lian takes the place of to feel very strong still.

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Yao Anlian is one ” father specialist ” , be in ” the Waking of Insects ” in the father that has acted Zhang Reyun, ” traitor ” in the father that of personate is Tong Yao, should have you looked?

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Because Yao Anlian has been chaired ” archives ” , so very elder brother thinks he is Peking Man all the time, thinking of is Shanghai person however, no wonder in those days very a heat of fire sows drama ” 16 years old of beautiful season ” in the figure that can have him. 4, Wu Mian, the mother that Shi Yuan acts in drama, was born 1959, 63 years old

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Wu Mian is in ” the heart is resided ” in the old partner that those who act is Yao Anlian, feng Shaofeng’s Mom. This is one long disease is in the part of the bed, it is not easy that the performance rises, but Wu Mian not disease not Xu De appears, take the part however hold very much reach the designated position.

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Well-known, wu Mian is the well-known actress that is born in Shanghai, ever was in ” 30 just ” in the mom that has acted Jiang Shu shadow, ” see one shade deep and remote dream again ” in the mom of personate Guo Qinlan.

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Additional, in ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” in the mom that Wu Mian still has performed Zhong Hanliang. Nowadays, she is in again ” the heart is resided ” in personate Feng Shaofeng’s mom, do you feel comfortable to deserve to spend tall? 5, Yan Xiaopin, the mom that arrowroot acts in drama, was born 1965, 57 years old

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Yan Xiaopin just is receiving an official ” meet season ” in the mom that acted Yuan Quan, although the person is set,do not denounce happy event, but her accord that acted to harvest an audience however is approbated.

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In ” the heart is resided ” in, we saw Yan Xiaopin again, although the arrowroot mom that she acts has a few scene only, but raise one’s hand is cast sufficient, yan Xiaopin shows the grace of government-owned wife and bias however incisively and vividly.

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Although boreal report graduates Yan Xiaopin, but she is real Shanghai person however, father Yan Xiang and lotus of maternal Xu Guo are Shanghai well-known actress. Below the edification of literary family, yan Xiaopin also walked up to act art road. 6, Yan Yong , act in drama consider an old lady, was born 1940, 82 years old

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Not only Yan Xiaopin goes out acted ” the heart is resided ” , her aunt Yan Yong also acted the old grandma that visits the home in this drama, never mention it, yan Xiaopin’s aunt and she still is held out on temperament resemble.

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Yan Yong is graduated from Shanghai film schools, ever was in ” happy bachelor ” in the mother that acts Guo Gongxue, do not know you have had not looked? Additional, be in ” Liao Zhai’s strange woman ” , ” universal flying celestial being ” in waiting for drama of movie and TV, we also can see Yan Yong ‘s figure. 7, Feng Shaofeng, Shi Yuan is acted in drama, was born 1978, 44 years old

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Shi Yuanceng is the Bai Yueguang in considering Qing Yuxin, but two people again when meet again, he unexpectedly be reduced to poverty arrives rely on the degree that with others holiday marriage makes money. See Shi Yuan’s one’s lot, the netizen cannot help plainting say: The filter looking glass of first love is really broken one ground!

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The likelihood is Feng Shaofeng the show share in drama is not much, in cast so we see he is engage by special arrangement goes out act, should be the property that friendship gues-stars.

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Nevertheless, we still can believe Feng Shaofeng’s acting, the complex mood of the heart that use a source is presented particularly specificly by him not only, and ” abjection childe ” figure also lets popular feeling ache.


Feng Shaofeng is born in Shanghai, like as a child literary, 1994, feng Shaofeng checked Shanghai key middle school with outstanding achievement, Yo middle school. Tall 3 when, play goes to the high school recruit students that Feng Shaofeng is in on, because art take an examination of achievement to highlight, feng Shaofeng did not attend the university entrance exam to be recommended directly Shanghai Thespian institute, became a fellow student with Tong Dawei.


Teleplay ” the heart is resided ” of depict is Shanghai female struggle history do poineering work with what nonlocal daughter goes to Shanghai history, the actor that book of a lot of Shanghai appeared in drama accordingly actually strange not at all.


Although be in the article very the actor that elder brother had introduced 7 Shanghai book, but total feeling is not quite overall. So, the teleplay that Haiqing and Tong Yao present as leading role to act the leading role ” is the heart resided ” did you look? What actor there still is in drama is Shanghai book do you know? The welcome has those who taste you leave a message comment on, synchronous attention very elder brother is decoded!

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