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Original title: ” thousand autumn ” switch on the mobile phone, fact of dream of Zhang Yuxi Tong plays the leading role, manufacture actor of oneself of honest mad stuff? ? On September 1, ancient costume drama ” thousand autumn ” hold switch on the mobile phone news briefing, announce cast formally. ” a thousand years makes ” producer is joyous luck, broadcast platform is mango TV. The cooperation of joyous luck and mango TV is closer and closer. On astral drama ” with Jun Ge ” (original name ” the dream wakes Chang’an ” ) defend in Hunan inspect broadcast, drama of the TV of network platform mango, science fiction that press case ” weather eye crisis ” also broadcast in mango TV. Mango TV abstains drama ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” Liu Xueyi of You Huanrui’s actor and Zhang Yuxi, present as leading role, drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” fall beautiful season meets again gentleman ” also Liu Xueyi of You Huanrui’s actor and Yuan Bing beautiful present as leading role

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” a thousand years makes ” heroine Zhang Yuxi is joyous luck, actor, fact of hero Tong dream is mango recreational the autograph arranges actor. Heroine is to make honest person, hero is the person of platform. It is fair that a family has an actor. Zhang Yuxi joyous luck is 90 hind actress, joyous luck abstains drama resource to tilt to her. Her appearance also is masses belle, facial features is very great. Contemporary can let an audience shine at the moment with archaic dress. Model of 103010 issuance Zhang Yuxi cape are elegant and high, obtain a netizen to agree reputably. On the news briefing, collocation of reseda gauze skirt fastens hair act the role ofing with color, clever and melting. Model of joyous luck ancient costume is online and aesthetic, yan Zhi has safeguard.

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The recreational group that the Yan Zhi of fact of hero Tong dream gathers in the handsome young man is not prominent, dress modelling also has some of edge trenchant. Resource is pretty good since Tong dream fact goes out. At present 6 drama want to sow (be over) , the amount is amazing. ” thousand autumn ” story of put on record is quite interesting. Leading role installed a Zhuang Hanhe a female strong person, those who go is the story line that be in love. Will be Xia Xian is Thespian next year ” new year’s day ” . Each are holding modern drama of check of Xia Xian modern drama in both hands when red actor, this will naturally be greeted involute.

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” thousand autumn ” announced leading role of male and female formally not only, still published list of main minor role. Producer joyous luck, very infatuate to oneself actor. Joyous luck ” the ceremony is wrapped ” very like TVB mode, ” thousand autumn ” ” coloured glaze ” ” Chang’an Nuo ” ” with Jun Ge ” ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” , show familiar face come out, let one part audience play to rise. Ttp:// “>Joyous luck ” nail door ” Han Dong, piece act ” thousand autumn ” male 2 heavy light / Tuo mulberry, the body of fall god, day demon a group of things with common features demon honour, from snow (female advocate) master, part of beautiful strong miserable negative character. Han Dong joins in after joyous luck, can weighs model worker, all the year round be stationed Hengdian, ancient costume drama receives, performed a lot of companies to abstain drama, it is male almost 2.

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Fu Fangjun of joyous luck actor goes out act male 3, by right of ” coloured glaze ” without Zhi Qi one horn cuts a figure, big play of his celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct in joyous luck ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” in also go out act male 3, appearance Yizheng Yi Xie, ancient costume the appearance of an actor has differentiate degree.

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Successful autograph makes an appointment with joyous luck during the floret yellow Yi Zaijiao that was born 1997, be in this ” thousand autumn ” in piece act female 2 a surname are static. Yang Zi of the floret below joyous luck banner is famous degree highest, it is Yuan ice beautiful and Zhang Yuxi next, 3 are 90 hind floret, and stand year age is performing art circle not to prevail, education of joyous luck need is younger 95 hind, 00 hind floret. 95 hind Huang Yi and 00 hind poplar Man child obtain force to hold in both hands in reason. The theatrical work of much ministry movie and TV that yellow Yi Can performs Guo Huanrui, " angry sea goes tree of god of mountain of sanded & the Qin Dynasty " and " cloud top heavenly palace " Huo Xiuxiu, ” Chang’an Nuo ” Su Yuying, ” coloured glaze ” A Lan.

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Dong Ze of Zhao of joyous luck actor goes out act ” thousand autumn ” male costar. Zhao Dongze’s Zhang Qiling suffers a netizen group ridicule, his appearance, temperament and little elder brother are not built completely, acting too puerile, joyous luck holds new personality actor in both hands by force to turn over bite.

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