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Original title: Peaceful edition ” vulpine summer ” sow, peaceful star pushs elder brother to go out act male advocate, female advocate it is Thailand god colour! ! ” romantic houseful ” 1 ” mischievous kiss ” ” meteoric garden ” ” princely paleness frog ” ” fir fir came ” ” the star that puts a sheep ” wait for famous idol play to be broken up to pat by Thailand in succession. Cannot think of, homebred drama ” vulpine summer ” also was broken up to pat what in Tansong charm head sowed 2017 by Thailand ” vulpine summer ” , main actor ginger is wet, staged the romantic love story of vulpine essence young lady and Jiepiba’s general, this sweet the data that bestows favor on drama behaves bright look.

20220320071210 6236d3ca5002f

By, the peaceful article edition that wheat acts the leading role ” vulpine summer ” (renown: ” the heartbeat that you are me ” ) was in on March 2 PPTV 36 head sow, video synchronism broadcasts. Of Thailand break up patting is the leading role of male and female that is worth with Gao Yan almost, peaceful article edition ” vulpine summer ” not exceptional also. Two leading role are in China very famous

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The man is the nursling of rich other people, clean addiction is serious, be overcome the crammer of others. Because of his nursling, the grandma is very weak to his feeling. He just sees the tool person that considers household company temporarily. His existence is to let a little brother can accede smoothly family property.

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Female is to study abroad returning stylist. When the middle school, her mom fell in love with wealthy person, abandoned their father female. Her father dies at an accident later. The concern between mother and daughter is very intense. She completed abroad school work with insurance gold of father. Leading role of male and female is one pair looks not the judge of pleasing to the eye says.

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> push elder brother to give the hero that performs this theatrical work, wife Jooy holds the position of producer, it is the theatrical work of the first movie and TV that she makes. Push elder brother to depend on peaceful drama ” hunt loves 100 plan ” those who open China is famous degree, the plot of a play that compulsive cruel loves ases if treating Gu Zaoyan condition novel, fill the blank of home market. 2017 by the teleplay that pushs elder brother and Song Yi to act the leading role ” the astral road of counterattack brights ” sow, he is amount to marchs much not more successfully the peaceful star of Chinese market. 2014 because two people film peaceful drama ” illusion ” because of play become attached to, held royal wedding 2018, one numerous good friend is present blessing. With common young husband and wife, they always are by media ecbolic, the body situation of two people has not adjusted the speak bluntly that push elder brother good, the wife had been spent most the period of angst, if do not have the child,enjoy group of 2 the world well. Hope the couple that push elder brother can have his little baby at an early date.

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Mai, was born 1992, because be half-blooded reason her facial features is very stereo, eyebrow eye is abstruse, nose is held out high, be worthy of is Thailand god colour ah. Yan Zhi’s conspicuous Mai is taken a fancy to by astral explore early, go out with the identity of model, with Thailand 7 autographs became an actor formally about 2009, open her act art career.

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Mai and Dilireba ever went beautiful with the stage, two are thick the female star of colour department, yan Zhi divides almost the same hard. Home 90 hind floret is working mad demon, of one mind attacks is the dielectric of love on the career, but Thailand entertainment group is not quite same, male friend is in love inside Mai and circle old, male friendly Ter1983 year be born, it is an actor also be playwrite, two people differ 9 years old.

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