Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Charming of Bei Kehan Mu wife too absolutely, 47 years old still can lie the do the splits on sofa, it is too good that figure colour value maintains Believe to pay close attention to the friend of Bei Kehan Mu, what often can brush his wife Victoria recently is dynamic, victoria is very active recently, before paragraph time takes a few children to expert a street, the birthday that comes to the good friend again recently meets, it is interest arrived probably, victoria and boudoir honey lie on sofa jointly great beautiful figure, what make us feel accident nevertheless is, victoria already 47 years old, return unexpectedly so can relaxed make motion of do the splits, figure and Yan Zhi did not get age is too much influence!

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The marriage of Bei Kehan Mu and Victoria had maintained more than 20 years, two people up to now special sweetness, nevertheless relatively the sort of feeling when Yu Gang marriage is strong condition, at present of more difficult to two people give up is to come from the company like family of the other side. Marry more than 20 years, a few children of two people also grow as age, mature gradually rise. At present the biggest child had been ordered marriage, 2 sons also had a partner with 3 sons, the youngest daughter is young still, need their company very much.

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Victoria can maintain good figure and Yan Zhi, main reason depends on the self-discipline that she holds to for years be used to, this bit of Bei Kehan Mu ever also had alluded in interview, he tells us, the diet of Victoria is very delicate, vegetable takes only unripe or water is boiled, panbroiling thing is very few also, carbolic water is strict control more, no matter there is how delicious meal on dining table, she a bit won’t shake. It is this kind of food habit that lasted a lot of years, just brought up her to look so young and healthy.

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We know, weight control all along is not an easy thing, to a lot of people, cate prep above everything, the metropolis when very much even person is not happy alleviates through eating delicious food, 7 princesses should belong to their young daughter it seems that this kind, small nevertheless very relaxed joy still is in the 7 growing period in her, how to know 7 princesses can select his tomorrow? Let us expect together.

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