Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: After Pan Changjiang sells Maotai incident disturbance head show a body, expression desolate worry is heavy, dreariness of full snow back falls on the body On March 18, pan Changjiang updates social trends first after the response sells wine controversy, he strolls to go up in the park alone, fall on the body full snow, back dreariness sufferred netizens however spit groove. In video, both hands of Pan the Yangtse River inserts bag, wearing cap ramble to be in snow ground, expression desolate, the appearance with a pair of heavy worry. Already the lines on his 64 years old face is very distinct, walk along a road to come slowly, letting a person is the body state that worries about him very.

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After going tired, pan Changjiang sits on the chair of the park, clip a hand with the leg, whole person shrinks be in, fall on his cap and dress full snow, alone back is desolate very it seems that. Pan Changjiang sat on the chair to brood for a long time just rises leave, a person in the park of heavy snow day is done not have, he walks alone to go up in the road, to originally short figure added a sadness. Before this, pan Changjiang also is basked in had gone out to be with grandchildren in snow ground the video of amuse oneself, he at that time is all smiles, two people run in snow ground atmosphere is lively, formed bright contrast with the desolate nowadays.

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Many netizens after Pan Changjiang’s trends is given out spit groove in succession he went to sell miserable line, begin to install pitiful, more somebody speak bluntly ” arrive this degree, still do not forget act ” . Can look from inside these comments reach, netizens are very big to Pan Changjiang’s ill will. When day of 315 consumer rights and interests, pan Changjiang sells false wine be related to make the focal point that everybody pays close attention to. It is at the beginning of this year March when, pan Changjiang is in direct seeding process sale the tiger of some brand year any of the twelve animals wine. After Pan Changjiang states he is the president fuddle of this brand, just took price advantageous position, he still divulges oneself and the other side have friendship of ten years. When speaking of this thing, one face of Pan Changjiang is complacent. The value that Pan Changjiang still emphasizes him selling for many times in direct seeding process has been lowest, state he also paid one share cash, to give vermicelli made from bean starch welfare. After the event, the netizen discovers this wine originally sale price is 4500 yuan, and between Pan Changjiang’s direct seeding inside sell 4799 yuan however. In the meantime, the employee of this brand also denies Pan Changjiang to recognize president belong to the same organization. This with one action is moved, the Yangtse River letting Pan is immersed in controversy again in. As public opinion ferment, pan Changjiang appears personally respond to false conduct propaganda to sell wine, he expresses not to know outside sell how many fund, the supplier gives him the price that he sells directly.

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Pan Changjiang returns very affirmative ground to state he is very honest very true also, had not made the least bit and false conduct propaganda. Pan Changjiang’s helpless also requirement netizens do not want again baleful harm he, so old retentive reputation has been been destroyed. Although there is smile on his face, but the heart that can feel Pan Changjiang is very afflictive. As an old artist, pan Changjiang the public praise oneself is bad to this degree, can saying only is suffer from one’s own actions. Hope he can draw the lesson previously, how to enjoy old age, take money less.

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