Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Small S is contended for with the netizen bestow favor on say ” providing Jun Ye is my one the individual’s elder sister’s husband ” explode expect general of 7 Queen of heaven entertain him ” this dish “

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Occupied stage intermediary story on March 20, big S announced to remarry a few days ago, the object is the 20 many old love year ago ” cruel dragon ” provide Jun Ye, two people already were registered in Korea marry, announce to the day is lain between after marriage dispatch, the man gallops with conjugal identity namely go to China Taiwan province, today before dawn ends segregation 10 days, give the faith area a person of extraordinary powers that big S goes straight towards to live continuously after closing curtilage, undertake the 7 own segregation of the day, husband and wife two when lie between 20 old, the first evening of meet again is interactive how, big S agent expresses: “Do not respond to, thank. ” provide Jun Ye to remove segregation, expect besides big S besides, small S also is filled with joy should salute advent of elder sister’s husband, recorded a paragraph to imitate movie last night, jump greatly cruel dragon becomes famous ” Bing Bing Bing ” , not hesitate the bareheaded model that with lasting velar Baotou copies elder sister’s husband, shout: “Elder sister’s husband, wife’s younger sister welcomes you with this dance ” , jump oneself feel comical be afraid of again, breathe out continuously: “My elder sister can kill me, my elder sister can kill me… ” . To taking the inspiration of film, small S says: “That sees them (cruel dragon) MV a few, catch probably a few significant actions were met with respect to practice, myself chaos sings the song, glacial ice puts that collapse burst on the ice to die that ah, rap also is sung in disorder, want to say be seized by a whim is patted, do bad to be used one day in the future get, the result wants to say elder sister’s husband removes segregation, welcome him with a film. ” the response that elder sister, elder sister’s husband sees how? She answers: “The reaction that can be them I still do not know Ye. “The reaction that can be them I still do not know Ye..

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Provide Jun Ye specially to pat before piece, side small S reads aloud new song ” 99 multiplication table ” , by assist ” elder sister’s husband of warm heart countryman ” , small S still contends for with the netizen bestow favor on say: “The elder sister’s husband that he is my person ” , divulge big S laughs turn over mock she is responded to so very abnormal, “Become aware return us previously in one’s childhood, so my elder sister also pretty is glad! ” . And provide nowadays Jun Ye ends segregation 7 days to live completely again, small S also confide knows elder sister’s husband likes hemp hot pot, express: “Elder sister’s husband likes to eat hemp hot pot very much, should meet at the beginning with hemp hot pot is entertained. Should meet at the beginning with hemp hot pot is entertained..

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