Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Peaceful female star builds mosquito craft go on a journey to kill a net to expose to the sun from strange be addicted to its mother receives compensation of the ten million on 3 plute to abandon investigating the fact

20220320080023 6236df1707af5

Famous female Xing Ni amounts to Thailand handkerchief checks graceful Weilapan (Tangmo) , 24 days of people following friend take houseboat go on a tour in Mekong last month, the river drops after 1 hour, frozen body already was become when be being searched to obtain after 2 days, your relatives and friends people distress unceasingly, via investigation and autopsy, entire case doubtful point is heavy, its mother ever appeared personally after case hair call loss, breathe out continuously details of a case is not simple, distrustful daughter is gone regular, explode however nowadays give her to stop similarly hereinafter boat the compensation of 3 plute, already promised to investigate the fact no longer. Jing of the month on female star Tangmo is passed object river be addicted to is killed die, the friend that builds a ship together is reductive the spot, state she insists not to put on airjacket to want to pat the United States to illuminate, embarkation after a hour, tangmo because reason dropping river, the leg that before falling into water, ever tried to hold agent but useless, and the engine sound of the ship is noisy, bring about a passenger to do not have those who hear her to cry for help sound, because this is done not have for a short while rescue, but this view is not outside be convinced, come out even a paragraph of film, doubt is like is the white object that after Tangmo falls into water, wants to capture buttock mounts a boat, but the friend on the boat not only did not rescue, return tear down her earn a living tool, final Tangmo effort is spent sink in water, but movie picture is ambiguous, police cannot affirm who shadow go-between is, cannot affirm film true bogus even. To this, the mother of Tangmo is former external firm those who weigh a daughter is dead ” cannot be accident absolutely ” , but after the thing lies between a few days, the intermediary that occupy extreme covers, its mother accepts visit of much home media, admitted to did not have the rich and powerful person that takes embarkation that day every day couplet Kui she, crying the apology is begged excuse, still promise be willing all funeral expenses use the shoulder, replace Tangmo to take care of family, be opposite it seems that cause trouble person softhearted, cause numerous netizen painful batch there is money only in the eye, not visit a daughter precious life, the close elder brother that joins Tangmo dispatch breathes out continuously ” disappointed ” , cannot accept a mother by cash purchase. Explode nowadays piece, 3 plute that the boat is the same as after Tangmo has an accident also exposure identity, put focus on the maternal body of Tangmo, besides call again and again outside excuse, also open an an ancient unit of weight of 30 million peaceful (money agreement a stage 25.85 million) compensation of high specified number, its mother accepted this price, feel the daughter encircles reappearance to exhibit 30 years in Thailand recreation, also earn these money almost, because this received compensation, cost promises to find out plute no longer namely people responsibility, although the mother of Tangmo follows plute illicit make known to lower levels to become,reconcile, but police still continues to be investigated deep to houseboat captain and its agent.

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