Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Brute! Act indecently towards female neighbour is sentenced inside elevator of musical person Liu Xiaohan administration detains 9 days

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On March 19, media explodes Liu Xiaohan of person of makings country music is act indecently towards inside elevator female neighbour, subsequently monitoring video also by exposure, the picture enters order extremely. Face police Liu Xiaohan to be admitted to the despise conduct that he makes, final, liu Xiaohan is sentenced to detain 9 days. But because epidemic situation is temporary,had not executed arrest. In addition, female neighbour asks the other side apologizes face to face, but this man was not found however after the police calls, the mobile phone also maintains close plane position.

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It is reported, liu Xiaohan is a professional music person, it is the graduate student of a Master of Nanjing university, still once had won national scholarship. Liu Xiaohan is small inside musical group famous gas, attention gets with respect to equipment when reading Nanjing university, still entered many public activities on behalf of Nanjing university, once was in CCTV news program ” graduated ” in big lens austral the delegate.

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