Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Mourning hall of Gu Baoming of comedic leading authority opens the relatives and friends such as first days of Zhang Xiaoyan to condole

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According to Taiwan media coverage, comedic leading authority considers Bao Ming 19 days early morning speaks blood to bring about heart lungs to fail because of intestines and stomach, sad decline world, enjoy life 72 years old. Die suddenly your relatives and friends and filmgoer feel the message astonish do not abandon. 20 days are to consider Bao Mingling hall to open relatives and friends to condole first days, zhang Xiaoyan of cummer of put together art went to mourning hall 9:37, sad relative quickstep enters her expression mourning hall. After many minutes 10, zhang Xiaoyan of for company of of Gu Nai of Gu Baoming’s daughter builds a car to leave, zhang Xiaoyan does not send one signal from beginning to end, did not suffer visit.

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It is reported, when Gu Baoming just was admitted to hospital, the examination gives the gastrorrhagia, state such as duodenum ulcer, did not think of 19 days to die suddenly, this lets wife and daughter be accepted hard temporarily. Current, gu Baoming’s wife and daughter mood already be pacified a lot of, the back thing of busy preparatory Gu Baoming. The daughter considers a funeral affair of inside and outside you is busy processing father, expression sad relative, the person that presents his compliment to coming round also withers together.

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