Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: 3 riverside Dai too bright with Mu Ye by according to unripe female mountain pass 100 benefit promotion is a grandma 20220321040030 6237f85ed95ea3 Pu Youtai Lang Shaizhao announces the daughter is born 20220321040035 6237f863da93d3 Pu Youtai man and Mu Ye by according to 20220321040036 6237f86412855Pu Youhe and 3 mountain pass 100 benefit and still be in the 3 Pu Youtai man in swaddle On March 21, 3 Pu Youtai man bask in a photograph in individual socialization platform, announce oneself and Mu Ye are born by the daughter that depend on, the little hand of the daughter in the photograph is holding his hand, sweet and lovely. This also means 3 riverside friend and the first granddaughter that with mountain pass 100 benefit greeted him, rising for grandfather grandma. Congratulation!

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