Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Zongxian shows electronegative propaganda to the enemy at the front line to say to hope its do not err again from check of make water of son exposing to the sun 20220321040201 6237f8b9243d0Wu Zongxian and son ” Lu Xi is sent “ On March 21, according to stage intermediary report, son Lu Xi of Wu Zongxian is sent (Wu Rui highs) because of be in roadside smokes hempen cigarette by last year, be arrested by police, enrage so that Wu Zongxian makes public reprimand son for two times, and the new special propaganda that Lu Xi clique decides formerly also pauses in the round. On March 20, when Wu Zongxian is attending an activity, from eventuate of check of make water of the streak before son exposing to the sun ” electronegative ” , and son of propaganda to the enemy at the front line, hope he does not err again: “Father lifetime is not touched touch these things, I smoke cigar only, be fed up with at most. ” it is reported, lu Xi clique was because of be suspected of last year outside some night inn suck is hempen, be hunted down on the spot by police, clique of final Lu Xi made 100 thousand money (make an appointment with a RMB 22 thousand) recognizance, await trial of be bailed out. 11 days of check just give heat because of report of check of its make water this month once more subpoena he appears in court, front courtyard dispatch makes an appointment with 30 minutes of ends, the group shows the Lu Xi when the end ” thank everybody to care, can report with everybody again. ” result of check of not open at that time make water.

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