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Original title: Frequency of evade taxation of star net red evade taxes goes out to administer no time to delay of net red economy integratedly

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(origin: Insurgent news) on Feburary 22, branch of Wu of duty of city of Guangdong province Guangzhou is opposite lawfully network advocate sow smooth flourish (net name: ? But of ┢ dumpling? steal the behavior such as money of dodge a tax to undertake condemnatory, pursue the tax payment to making the same score flourish, add receive fine for delaying payment and be in 0.6 times amerce, add up to sixty-two million and three thousand yuan. This incident causes public opinion again the intense attention that the good-paying group such as red to the net, star steals problem of dodge a tax and critically. Develop flourishingly as platform economy, the net is red advocate sow an industry to collect a group of a batch of burgeoning good-paying. To be the processing of industry of burgeoning Internet good-paying with net red economy, its complexity and pressing sex are highlighted with each passing day. Regard a standard as the chess of on the offensive of industry government, taxation produces main effect to behoove of normative net red economy. Group of net red good-paying avoids duty motive much net of big, method is red advocate sow a group to attract golden faculty strong, avoid duty motivation is big. Ai Rui seeks advice from research report to show, dimensions of market of business of cable of Chinese direct seeding amounted to 1.2 trillion yuan 2020, year increase rate is 197.0% , predicting future 3 annual all compound add fast for 58.3% , dimensions of business of direct seeding cable will exceed 4.9 trillion yuan 2023. Business of direct seeding cable served 2020 enterprise and grow quickly from trade number, up to by 2020, inside the industry advocate sow already reached 1.234 million person from trade number. A few networks advocate sow year of income to exceed 1 million yuan, ten million yuan, the head advocate sow income to cross 100 million yuan even, the part escapes pay taxes motive to increase from personnel of course of study, and income source much, information is opaque wait for them to declare pay taxes to provide a space phonily, steal risk of dodge a tax bigger, aggravate tax inspection difficulty. Zhejiang 6 with attorney office duty Wu closes compasses analysis of annals of Wang Min of research center director, advocate sow income multivariate and a lot of not transparent, make the part uses flaw of policy of the constituent framework such as platform, taxation to wait from personnel of course of study hide individual income, conceal nature of real income, change income through fractionation contract, search the means such as the flat that return duty to undertake be declaringed phonily becoming a possibility, duty Wu branch can not give completely effectively superintend. It is especially after net red economy is arisen, hole cost, sale returns award of commission, platform, vermicelli made from bean starch to call the inherent classification that admires the taxation before waiting for direct seeding income to be head and shoulders above this. Many wealth tax expert expresses, at present the top boundary tax rate of the integrated gains tax items below is a tax law such as reward of pay pay, work 45% , income at every turn 1 million, the star net that ten million crosses 100 million yuan even is red general applicable this tax rate. For avoid a tax rate of tall name of tax categories of taxes of 45% , a lot of star, net is red advocate sow through establishing atelier, with the individual individual and solely invested enterprise, partnership business, industrial and commercial door wait for means to change income character, borrowing each district capital attraction to give imposition of check and ratify and specific proportional place to stay to return still wait ” policy ” , do not hand in, be handed in less or pay tax late. Experience tax information is shared wait for difficulty to restrict when superintending experience tax information effectively to be reached hard, share. Bulletin of information of tax of platform company experience sends relevant law code still diseased, the information between the branch is shared and combine chasten mechanism to remain to perfect. In addition, network advocate sow true identity, hand in income of easy information, direct seeding to be in dispersedly tripartite platform, cannot real time access is compared right, and partial network advocate sow collude with combination with orgnaization of platform, intermediary, just hide income through correlation, increase superintendency difficulty further. Use local industry policy to build ” taxation flat ” . Xu Gong of strong point plum expresses policy of tax of wealth of college of Beijing state treasurer and applied institute, network of a few heads advocate sow register atelier in owe develop area, the policy opening that uses place to go up in culture industry, return through finance still, the taxation privilege policy such as finance award is lost with evading tax, damaged taxation fairness. For instance, two networks that near future of duty Wu branch announces advocate sow, the atelier that its register in Guangxi the North sea, be developed in order to promote trade of electric business plan to be a capital attraction to go by place namely. In addition, orgnaization of a few intermediary also is in process of local capital attraction, appropriative ” broker ” do sewing work, add fuel to the fire. Platform enterprise scramble for sth is aided push ” cruel grow ” . Chief researcher Shang Jijiang expresses professor of college of southwest finance and economics, Xi Caizhi library, a large number of capital swarm into course of study of trading company of direct seeding phone, borrow ” direct seeding takes money ” blast tuyere encircles money in capital market. Net of ministry of correct of a few platform is red scramble for sth, loosen superintend, undertake for its taxation plans actively even, escape duty to pay taxes to offer advantage. The legal personage such as Wang Min annals discloses, a lot of professional orgnaizations undertake taxation plan for network red industry, through the individual the taxpayer of individual income tax of solely invested enterprise applies for the kind that check and ratify imposes to reduce duty to lose. Look forward to is checked check show, some is famous network advocate sow registered 6 the individual is solely invested atelier. According to regulation of active tax law, solely invested enterprise does not hand in the individual enterprise income tax, need pay individual income tax, value added tax and value added tax to add only, individual income tax is applicable 5% to of 35% above quota progressive tax rate. Know on about ” how does revenue of network red industry plan ” article analysis, this advocate sows 4 solely invested atelier is located in the individual the area of taxation privilege garden that registers ground government to offer, register in place ” alone ” atelier enjoys check and ratify to collect, of check and ratify should tax gain is led according to 10% lower perhaps. In addition, still have netizen discovery, star broker company establishs company of science and technology to undertake avoiding through playing actor for the banner duty. Besides canal of duty put in prison, the entire chain that net red economy controls UniCom of linkage of combination of behoove implementation branch, area, information integratedly urgently is administered. What net red economy holds a network socialization and commodity concurrently to supply catenary function as a kind is brand-new commercial pattern, its are fast fluidity, strong the characteristic such as fictitious sex, hi-tech sex, superintend to the government raise taller, newer requirement. University of central finance and economics teachs Fan Yong to think, in the light of the net red economy chaos is resembled, want to enhance a government to superintend the preventive, initiative of processing and comprehensive sex to net red economy as soon as possible, break hedge of the system between branch and area, information, the person is amalgamative related person of individual, will fair judicatory and interest bring into superintend, form ” government, industry, platform ” superintend, the benign system that autonomic photograph integrates, implementation is censorial system, early warning system, examine and approve system, evaluation system and processing system linkage, with meticulous change superintend guide health of net red economy to develop. Local government should involve good policy. Zhang Lianqi of vice-chairman of society of Wu of duty of members of standing committee of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China suggests, accelerate clear taxation privilege policy, cancel ” after be being asked for first, return ” ” ask for first regressive ” ” ask for namely retreat namely ” ” award waiting for the forehead ” wait for unreasonable favourable policy, jam stoutly flaw of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of local government financial capacity, avoid to form duty of star tax evasion to wash money even ” policy flat ” . Answer to strengthen capital to superintend from national security angle. Party school of Central Committee of Communist Party of China (national administration institute) economics ministry teachs Xu Zhengzhong to think, the backside that the capital that is main delegate with Internet tycoon is progress of net red economy shoves a hand, both interest height is bound, appraise is worth mode height to agree. Should publish relevant law, wait to content of the capital of network platform, technology, transmission have a standard, support is abide by the law self-discipline, high quality, the network a favourite by sb in power of energy, ensure industry of net red economy is in healthy and orderly orbit development expands.

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