Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: 2022 sheet release flower emperor film formally ” over cliff ” will film continuation 20220321120023 623868d7f24c32022 sheet release flower emperor film formally On March 21, flower emperor film 2022 piece single shot cloth, make public partial film stage photo. ” golden finger ” , you Zhuangwen is strong hold guide, the modelling of Cai Zhuoyan of Sa of Wei of face of main actor bridge, Liu Dehua, A also is made public first degrees; ” custom battlefront ” , by Qiu Litao hold guide, zhang Xueyou, Xie Ting sharp edge, Lin Jiaxin, Liu Yase acts the leading role, wu Zhenyu is special show; ” inside ” , by Mai Zhaohui hold guide, guo Fucheng, Ren Dahua, forest the main actor such as , Fang Zhongxin; ” hedgehog ” , by Gu Changwei hold guide, ge You, Wang Junkai acts the leading role; Seek collaboration to make with Zhang Yi ” over cliff 2 ” ; And ” divine explore big fight ” ” A Mom had the 2nd ” ” rental family ” ” om a few days gets married 2 ” ” plunge into duty 2 ” reach ” ball of late night dodge ” wait for film. 20220321120029 623868ddd4713De Hua of Liang Chaowei Liu ” golden finger ” the stage photo that be the same as casing 20220321120030 623868de1a5bd” over cliff ” placard

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