Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Wish restful! Zhou Shen holds the post of Jia Lun Gong Jun to be like the numerous star such as battle to be MU5735 pray blessing 20220321120033 623868e1ba0beBlessing of pray of Zhou Shen dispatch 20220321120033 623868e1db945Hold the post of blessing of pray of Jia Lun dispatch 20220321120034 623868e20e059Blessing of pray of dispatch of beautiful of the first month 20220321120034 623868e22f844Blessing of pray of Yin Zhengfa article 20220321120034 623868e2536dbBlessing of pray of Gong Jun dispatch 20220321120034 623868e2751f5Be like blessing of battle dispatch pray On March 21, according to CCTV news news, the Boeing that a Dong Hang carries 133 people 737 planes produce an accident in county of cane of Guangxi Wu city, cause hill fire, at present rescuing team has built up standing by, casualties circumstance not bright, heat is caused to discuss on the net, the numerous star such as Zhou Shen, Ren Jialun, Gong Jun, Xiao Zhan, Meng Jia, Yin Zheng is blessing of its dispatch pray in succession.

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