Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Authority of effigies of authority of Yue Yunpeng dimension wins the lawsuit to the accused needs to recoup a loss and apologize

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20220321120105 6238690141ab7Yue Yunpeng On March 21, check according to look forward to check APP to show, yue Yunpeng (Ben Mingyue dragon is firm) with Dongguan judgment of civil first instance announces issue of liability of tort of network of Lixin jewelry limited company. The effigies that the court thinks the accused behavior encroached accuser counterpoises, company of jewelry of juridical eventuate Lixin deletes the effigies of the accuser in experience text chapter instantly, make an apology reach compensation 10000 yuan. It is reported, before this, company of jewelry of the accused Lixin released caption to be ” Li Jian, give Yue Yunpeng a means of subsistence please? ” article matching a plan, much Zhang Xiao of use accuser of do sth without authorization resembles a picture and without accuser Yue Yunpeng (Yue Longgang) accredit undertook commerce is publicized. Yue Yunpeng (Yue Longgang) to forensic to lodge a complaint, seek redress loss reachs an apology.

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