Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: TVB will be adopted ” closed circuit type ” film be as long as 3 weeks to build tent to employee

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According to coverage of Hong Kong media, TVB holds the post of general manager Ceng Zhiwei newly to suffer when visitting, confirm TVB has exceed new coronal of 500 employee diagnose, can adopt next ” closed circuit type ” film be as long as 3 weeks. He discloses, because fine of weather of near future Hong Kong is good, the outdoor parking lot of TV city will be in in the stage build two marquee, employee of male and female uses each, the actor is entered the home cannot be returned with midway after filming or go out osculatory other, dietary daily life should be inside garden area, announce to remove till the government the situation that Feng Chengcai can restore to come in and go out normally.

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