Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: 2022 capitals TV program spring push meeting general to be held with the form on the line

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21 days, association of trade of programming of capital broadcasting television issues an announcement, in view of new coronal of current whole nation pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse a situation complex and austere, fair of 2022 Beijing TV program will make structural sex adjust. Association will be held through type of line upper part ” capital TV program spring push meeting ” (association is opposite receive nonlocal resource, below the condition that the condition allows, can go the other place conducts the activity below the line) , with continueing to satisfy member unit spring the exhibition is revealed, conduct propaganda is recommended and countrywide each district broadcasts of platform anthology piece buy a demand. Ginseng can register register time to be on March 21 – on April 10, time of the line on the activity on April 20.

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