Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Sun Lixiao wins the lawsuit to the accused wants written excuse and recoup a loss like dimension authority case 20220322040138 62394a2214c76Judgment of forensic first instance 20220322040142 62394a26ec99eThe court finds out a result 20220322040143 62394a271ae34The court adjudicates a result 20220322040143 62394a273e794Grandson couple Recently, check according to look forward to check APP to show, sun Liyu does not have issue of liability of tort of network of Xi Mou company judgment of civil first instance is announced. The accused do sth without authorization imprints effigies of accuser grandson couple and full name in some brand to wash clothes on the outer packing of fluid, in the public number that runs in its, use accuser effigies and full name at the commercial advertisement conduct propaganda of this commodity, beguiling misdirect consumer and join in business. To lodge a complaint of Sun Lixiang court, the effigies that the court thinks the accused encroached accuser counterpoises. Juridical eventuate the accused to grandson couple issue written excuse to believe and recoup pecuniary loss 5000 yuan.

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