Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The director talks ” squid game ” the 2nd season says Zheng Haoyan hopeful continues to act 20220322040203 62394a3be6acdZheng Haoyan Recently, ” squid game ” the refer when directing yellow Dong He to accept media to interview in the United States ” squid game ” the making plan of the 2nd season, be asked about to give the actor that performs the first season to whether can continue to perform the problem of the 2nd season, although the major role of the first season has died,yellow Dong He expresses, but the actor that he can try to allow these parts continues to perform the 2nd season, zheng Haoyan is for instance possible with part of the first season twin identity continues to perform the 2nd season. Yellow finally Dong He expresses ” squid game ” the 2nd season will have than the first season more the game of exciting, at present ” squid game ” the 2nd season still lies conception phase, he has not begun compose the play of the 2nd season.

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