Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Wen Liu of Han Tuan SHINee will send individual new special to busying at present in April in making 20220322040216 62394a48934bdWen Liu of member of SHINee of Korea male group On March 22, according to Korea media newest explode makings, wen Liu of member of SHINee of Korea male group is busying of individual special make, predict to will take new individual special to return to in April. It is reported, wen Liu went out this year in January when performing a TV program, ever disclosed will be in before long hind the support that repays broad vermicelli made from bean starch with new song, wen Liu rolls out individual special last time or be in in December 2018, because when he is opposite this, this lies between 3 years of regression of 4 months to take seriously all the more, the making pour into that is new special a lot of painstaking effort.

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