Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” beautiful now ” advocate sow Safanna to expose to the sun: of road of infecund disease heart? Does extensive brother’s son scoop up  aing big tripod? 20220322040239 62394a5f557e4” beautiful now ” advocate sow Safanna Recently, ” beautiful now ” (Today) advocate sow Safanna Gesaili (Savannah Guthrie) the she told about to experience infecund disease in interviewing heart road course in the near future. Safanna tells a reporter: “Elapse as time, I do not allow myself to hold the hope that can have a child again even. Not be the doctor tells me completely impossible, just probability is extremely low, I not dare extravagant hopes. ” after treating a success, safanna and marital Michael greeted son Charlie. She says: “I am very glad that my children do not need me what face uneasiness of the angst when 30 years old. Grow as the age, I can rear my child with gentler state of mind. Occasionally, when I am very tired really, I can think, ‘ is young father and mother also met such exhaustion? ‘ but I feel the answer is affirmation, when all parents have energy inadequacy and dismay, this also is a kind of of parenting unique experience. This also is a kind of of parenting unique experience..

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