Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” choose day is written down ” Vietnam decides archives to will sow cervine Han Gu Lina’s Za Lianmei’s main actor 20220322080015 6239820fa8021” choose day is written down ” placard On March 22, you Luhan, Gulina is plunged into, of the main actor such as Wu Qian ” choose day is written down ” Vietnam decides archives, will broadcast at was in Vietnam TV station March 28. It is reported, this drama is adapted write homonymic novel from place of feline be bored with, told about the world of built on stilts that coexists in person demon in, chen Changsheng changes a life to counter a day, taking book of one first wedding anniversary to come to the god, knew the young associate of a flock of have a common goal, the old practice of a new scope of operation is opened in state religion institute.

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