Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Female Deng Xiaolan of Deng Ta dies 78 years old of obligation raise die at the age of taught equestrian orchid choir just entered Beijing winter abstruse opening ceremony arena

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(origin: Beijing evening paper) the reporter is in know from personage of know the inside story, of the president before the People’s Daily and develop of Deng of editor in chief female, ” daily of advance examine look forward to ” history seminar chairman Ms. Deng Xiaolan on March 22 before dawn dies in hospital of Beijing the Temple of Heaven, die at the age of is 78 years old. As we have learned, deng Xiaolan is to was in what after equestrian orchid village accepts the whop when interviewing, be admitted to hospital a few days ago. Deng Xiaolan was born at Heibei to mound 1943 Zhuang Cun of smooth county easy home, was graduated from department of Tsinghua university chemical industry 1970, before retiring, in Beijing public security the system works. Rose 2004, deng Xiaolan begins to be in mound village obligation raises the Ma Lan that make the same score a county religion, the child obligation that is the village teachs musical course. She annual the time of the half is put in Ma Lan village, come 18 years never discontinuous. This year in Feburary, equestrian orchid village is in mound 44 children of the Zhuang Zhen austral smooth county comprise ” equestrian orchid choir ” ascended Beijing 2022 the arena of opening ceremony of Olympic Winter Games, sing with Greek ” Olympic anthem ” , touching achievement of Deng Xiaolan from this again wide to circulate.

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