Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Lan of the mother-in-law before big S weeps response grandchildren raises advantageous position: Otherwise answers grandchildren

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On March 22, according to stage intermediary report, actor big S (Xu Xiyuan) announce and ” cruel dragon ” after the member provides Jun Ye to remarry, mother-in-law Zhang Lan reacts to this before also get attention fully. Zhang Lan disclosed Wang Xiaofei insomnia a few days ago, also won’t want to contend for those who answer grandchildren to raise advantageous position, but 21 days she is like a mood to break down in the doubt between direct seeding, him speak bluntly raised Wang Xiaofei 8 years alone after the divorce, talk grandchildren more weep: “The child is in Taipei, how do I want? ” Zhang Lan opens direct seeding 21 days to take money, be asked the view that remarries to big S madly by the netizen however. To this, her release what is held: “I what this becomes Mom is unashamed, after I divorce in those days, oneself took Wang Xiaofei 8 years, suitable talent remarries. ” then again the netizen asks: “Two your grandchildren want to come back! ” she is turn a blind eye to first, did not think of increasing netizen to leave a message, zhang Lan is helpless response: “The child is in Taipei, how do I want? Essential otherwise come back, I think two children are beside me more. ” then more excited weep: “The person should be known be thankful, cannot too too selfish. ” it is reported, the Zhang Lan before this has been asked grandbaby raises the question of authority, but she states she is not at that time do not miss 2 children, also not be to had been not contended for, it is to not be willing to look at two children helplessly to follow departure of one’s own mom, direct say ” if your mother-in-law took away the child forcibly, you are willing ” , think to should not take away the child beside one’s own mother, and this action obtains a lot of netizen admiration at that time.

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