Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Gong Hanlin basks in women football to sign the football is replied by women football famous general ” the handwriting that still is not me really “ 20220322080054 623982362f284Gong Hanlin basks in autograph football 20220322080054 6239823654487Pu Wei is responded to On March 21, gong Hanlin updates video, shared the autograph football with old name of a women football. According to Gong Hanlin’s description, the autograph above comes from 1999 gold generation clang rose. After that Pu Wei of women football famous general replies in comment area: “Consolidate teacher, the handwriting A that still is not me really seemingly ” . This is afterwards last time ” Ou Chuliang ” after autograph football to turn over, gong Hanlin basks in the autograph football that go out to be exposed to the sun to give be a holiday again.

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