Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yang Chao refutes a rumor personally more smoking speak bluntly: The word that I can take is fat 20 jins

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On March 22, number of a recreation says Yang Chao can smoke more, but not very is smoked. Yang Chao runs personally more below go refuting a rumor: “My smoking person is set so be stood to rise by you, I am fat if I can smoke 20 jins, I won’t if your hair moves on boundary line 3 centimeters. ” it is reported, do not smoke about smoking this thing, ever had been discussed two years ago. Yang Chao was jumped over 20 years in March of hair pat oneself inside cigarette case be havinged by attentive netizen discovery, for a short while the netizen begins to discuss extensively ” Yang Chao smokes more ” , but immediately was refuted a rumor, yang Chao jumps over a roommate to come out to apologize admit cigarette case is him, did not receive good thing to jump over He Yangchao to jump over incommode of vermicelli made from bean starch to Yang Chao.

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