Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The divorce after Ni Andong off the rails canal uses up shows two people to bask in close to marry according to Guan Xuan 20220322080117 6239824dc1d76Ni Andong and announce of official tubal exhaust marry 20220322080118 6239824e24d91Ni Andong uses up with the canal On March 22, ni Andong and singer canal exhaust are registered marry, both sides is basked in piece add up to the announce that take an official, “We married ” . 2017, ni Andong and the living theatre of collaboration tubal exhaust brush fire giving love, ever was patted the kiss is heated up in American street, 10 point to buckle closely, in June 2017, dispatch admits Ni Andong off the rails, april 2018, ni Andong and wife ViVi divorce formally. It is reported, ni An Dongceng goes out act ” the biscuit fetch of love ” etc.

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