Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Because of will ” Xin Ji ” the interpreter apologizes into pickle by dispatch of dazzle of autumn porcelain of Han netizen cannon

20220322080128 623982580bc5dAutumn porcelain dazzle ever was in the video that Chinese individual socialization releases in Zhang date have ” pickle ” caption appears On March 22, autumn porcelain dazzle because ” pickle ” pronunciation be related apologizes, say ” run paralell in Korea and Chinese activity at ordinary times, pay close attention to this one part than anybody and notice, but this incident makes a lot of people afraid, be very sorry. ” media expresses, korea before this for loot pickle culture, the pronunciation instead the pickle in Hanyu ” Xin Ji ” , dazzle to be tagged in video when autumn porcelain so ” pickle ” and rather than ” Xin Ji ” after two words, be scolded to go up by Korea netizen hot search. 20220322080128 623982582e898Korea media is criticized substantially to autumn porcelain dazzle 20220322080129 62398259d1981Autumn porcelain dazzle apologizes through what belonging to company dispatch It is full text of apology of autumn porcelain dazzle below: Everybody is good, I am autumn porcelain dazzle. Because at ordinary times I am in Korea and China at the same time activity, should pay close attention to this part than anybody and notice. But this the thing makes everybody afraid, very feel sorry really. The partial distress that we do not understand beforehand passes, the error that relapses to do not appear, our true to Xin Ji Chinese number undertook discussing. Before this, laborious surprises and the interpreter of pickle and mark are to be relaxed to approbate with what use. But of the ministry of culture sports sightseeing that will apply in July last year ” the foreign language interpreter of common term and mark guideline ” after v/arc instructions, standardize its and bright show for Xin Ji. So our affliction uses more accurate interpreter and number at how will making gift henceforth, still undertook advisory to circumjacent person. The proposal that we obtain is, the Xin Ji below the way of mark of foreign language interpreter that standardizes newly still is done not have by extensive and general, so the most important is to make more person right this refers and pay close attention to. It is chance with this, I can be known correctly and use us the name of inherent food, allow proper expression hard more well known. We still have a lot of not to understand. It is me not only, our layout and the staff member that edit video also all felt sense of responsibility, we can defend the culture with inherent Korea and tradition hard. Thank everybody all the time the care since. 20220322080130 6239825a886e6

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