Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Gu Baoming leaves ceremonial time announces mourning hall to decorate concise warmth 20220322080203 6239827b0b341Gu Baoming’s daughter states 20220322080203 6239827b4d2eaConsider picture of Bao Mingling hall 20220322080203 6239827b72c5bGu Baoming gives birth to a foreplay to take 20220322080203 6239827b94afeGu Baoming 20220322080203 6239827bc9d24Gu Baoming is classical part a surname is male On March 22, after the actor considers Bao Ming to die the 4th day, of daughter Gu Nai issues statement external in individual gregarious platform, the coffin that discloses Gu Baoming is deposited at present in state guest guild hall, condole at beginning to open on March 20, time is a week, grieve over the ceremony will end on March 27, chase after think of meeting time to still be in in coordinating. From the point of open photograph, mourning hall decorates concise warmth, there is Gu Baoming involuntary discharge of urine to illuminate inside hall, the play that still hanging him to like before one’s death is taken.

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