Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” Ha Libo is special ” the person that Jin Ni is acted marries bask in with the husband 10 point to buckle closely according to 20220322120055 6239ba775ea05Bangnilaite basks in Buddhist monastic discipline to illuminate announce a good news 20220322120055 6239ba778744bBangnilaite shares bridal spot back to illuminate 20220322120055 6239ba77a9a72Bangnilaite and male friend Recently, series movies ” Ha Libo is special ” in the center little sister of personate collect favour ” Jin Ni ” Bangnilaite (Bonnie Wright) photograph of open marriage give up, confirm already became person wife to step below life one level. Bangnilaite confirms marriage dispatch 21 days in gregarious platform surprise, “Yesterday is me the most marvellous day in life, thank my husband! ” lie between a day, she uploaded another piece of photograph, be bridal spot picture, although enter lens with the reverse side only, but can see she and husband Andrew rococo (Andrew Lococo) 10 point to buckle closely, happy atmosphere is in overtones. It is reported, ” Ha Libo is special ” in Tong Xing people emotional life passes wonderfully severally, the Ge Lin of Lu Bai spy of personate collect favour has been the father of a daughter, the husband in the gram of Daniel thunder heart of personate Halley just was mixed a few days ago cummer is attended together new piece ” lose mystery city ” first show is met, personate is clever beautiful Aimawotesen also stabilizes association with male friendly Leo Robinton in.

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