Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Put on record according to bureau of national motion picture Zhang Yi is sought new piece ” Man Jianggong ” formal project approving

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20220322120149 6239baad395e3Zhang Yi is sought On March 22, bureau of shadow of the home appliance that occupy a country January 2022 countrywide screenplay (gist) put on record, project approving is fair show, the film ” Man Jianggong ” formal project approving, this project playwrite is Chen Yu, Zhang Yi to seek, put on record the unit is jubilate first show. Story outline: Carry on of the Southern Song Dynasty is promoted year, rate of Chinese juniper of the Qin Dynasty of prime minister in feudal China is banned army go to border land, talk with golden country. Old place of Chinese juniper of the Qin Dynasty is great a group of things with common features residence. Residence closes, guard rigor, talk night before last shows mystery case however. Young soldier magnify wraps hold something under the arm among them, reveal truth step by step. Mystery case backside, of evil of shovel of an a righteous person fan bureau spread out gradually.

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