Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Xing gallop its are agent report MU5735 pray blessing: Hope miracle appears 20220323000037 623a63256d7a9Zhou Xing gallop agent phonates 20220323000037 623a6325973a2Zhou Xing gallop On March 23 before dawn, zhou Xing gallop Chen Zhenyu of agent, film-maker delivers gain and report week star gallop the pray blessing to wreck airliner MU5735, write: “Report from Zhou Xing gallop gentleman: To recently the happening of plane accident, feel deeply regret, appreciate the rescueing action with national positive unit very much, true hope can have a miracle appear, find survivor. ” condemn a magazine at the same time ” TIME ” in the opinion on public affairs of David Newberry of division of an emeritus aircraft ” The Chinese Are A Bit Paranoid About Air Safety… ” (the Chinese is safe to aviation a bit cranky) , express ” cold to this kind blood, contain the opinion on public affairs that distain, I feel furious. If airplane casualty accidents happens in your home, are you nervous and distressed? Hope everybody can not divide citizenship, know the feeling of consideration others more. Know the feeling of consideration others more..

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