Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Establish Williams to bask in article of the reappearance after be being illuminated from media to atttack daughter appearance with daughter back to thanks 20220323040015 623a9b4f28c18Establish Williams to send long article farewell to answer 20220323040020 623a9b547811bEstablish Williams and daughter back to illuminate 20220323040020 623a9b54f0b09Establish Williams On March 23, establish Williams to bask in the back that gave oneself and daughter to fall in Yu Hui of seaside setting sun to illuminate in individual socialization platform, say daughter Harper knows everybody very be very fond of her, conveyed his acknowledgment to everybody: “The support that appreciates family, friend, vermicelli made from bean starch and media very much and care! Thank everybody very much! ” it is reported, because media reporter comment establishs Williams daughter appearance horrible, establish Williams to phonated on March 17 the appearance that article of scratch of reporter of angrily rebuke media atttacks his daughter. After the netizen sees, leave a message in succession comfort: “The little sister is very lovely, happy good! ” ” the hope does not suffer an effect, continue to share daily ah! Continue to share daily ah!!

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