Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yang Zi always Kang Salang atelier cancels a reason to be disbanded for resolution 20220323040101 623a9b7d547a3Yang Zi always atelier cancels Kangsalang 20220323040101 623a9b7d8a815The reason is resolution to disband Weather eye checks App to show, recently, always atelier of culture of Kang Salang movie and TV is cancelled, cancel a reason to be disbanded for resolution, investor and sole partner are Yang Zi, scope of operations contains broadcast movie and TV relevant form a complete set serves. It is reported, current, in 5 atelier of Yang Zi under one’s name 3 already are cancelled, put add to be Xiamen city to fill atelier of culture of movie and TV of Aobo of atelier of culture of Fan Xinyuan movie and TV, Qingdao in 2 of industry position. 20220323040101 623a9b7dc4467Yang Zi

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