Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Li Min is easy bask in get up element Yan Zhao weighs him is not face-lifting of belle doubt response 20220323040127 623a9b97a39bfLi Min basks in element colour to illuminate 20220323040127 623a9b97dcaccLi Min responds to element colour to illuminate, say ” I am not a belle 20220323040128 623a9b980e821Li Min is responded to ” guess me where to be ” problem Recently, li Min sends rich to bask in the element colour that gives his to just got up to illuminate, write ” good morning. Will get up, where to guess me to be in? ” comment area has a netizen to state its element Yan Zhao may be used by ill will, li Min expresses ” irrespective, I did not feel I am a belle. I just want to do my, the person that should love me is to love my bearing to follow talent, the appearance of a person won’t be permanent. ” in addition, li Min still asks about in article table: “Guess me where to be ” , the netizen guesses is Changsha or Shenzhen, him Li Min also replies personally ” right ” confirmed this information. It is reported, ever the message exploded recently makings say Li Min will attend ” brave the wind and waves ” transcribe.

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