Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Card younger sister is black before changing sexy new model to be like two different people, heart of male friendly bud nods assist 20220323080031 623ad39f7907dKamila Kabeiluo (Camila Cabello) On March 22, the intermediary outside occupying reports, kamila Kabeiluo (Camila Cabello) the Hei Huaxin modelling that basks in out oneself sex appeal. Card younger sister of 25 years old wore wig of a black, wear black tight ceremonial robe or dress, ministry of bosom and waist, leg has stripe hollow out, foil the curve that gives exquisite, line of look of dumb smooth red lip, black and black fingernail are oily, appear elegant mad wild, with previously sweet younger sister figure is like two different people. In another paragraph of video, card younger sister basks in those who give eye end and tooth to go up to set with rancorring face camera lens auger. Before connecting, male friend is like En Mengdeci (Shaw Mendes) also cannot help nodding assist this group of photographs. Although two people had parted company,look, bud heart still pays close attention to calorie of younger sister from time to time. Card younger sister still publicizes him on gregarious media at the beginning of this month newest emission only music ” Bam Bam ” . She is basked in piece with yellow boss moxa heart ยท hopes orchid (Ed Sheeran) group photo, still hope in the propaganda to the enemy at the front line in video orchid, yellow boss answer says the day rained quickly, although his part is in one of MV very bad, but a day when he spent happiness, complement, “Thank you to let me share creative work very much, hope everybody likes this song and MV. ” it is reported, kamila will conduct a special concert in TikTok on April 7, publicize her ” Familia ” special.

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