Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Ren Jialun safeguards effigies authority case to win the lawsuit tort product is CP postcard 20220323080115 623ad3cb7cea0Hold the post of case of Jia Lunwei authority 20220323080115 623ad3cba8684Case outcome 20220323080115 623ad3cbcb829Judgment 20220323080115 623ad3cbebd89Ren Jialun On March 22, weather eye checks App to show, ren Guochao (Ren Jialun) as civil as first instance of issue of liability of tort of network of limited company of business affairs of Shanghai Man Qian electron report is public. Accuser holds the post of a country to exceed (Ren Jialun) appeal to say, the accused uses production of Ren Guochao effigies, sale to derive a product without the license in the shop cleaning out treasure of its government attestation, the effigies that encroached accuser counterpoises. Accuser refers obtain evidence kinescope shows, the image that accuser used in the product that the accused sells 5 pieces, involve link of a product, for ” couple (Song Yun of Ren Jialun Tan) pat stand Lomo Ka Mingxin piece ” . The accused did not join suit to front courtyard. Forensic cognizance thinks, the litigant request that accuser asks to make an apology has at the law according to, accuser advocates the lawsuit of pecuniary loss requests, forensic take into consideration the circumstances is certain. Final, the court adjudicates the accused is in position of top of buy of home page of the shop that clean out treasure publishs 48 hours continuously excuse statement, compensate for accuser to hold the post of a country to exceed pecuniary loss 2500 yuan.

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