Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Liu Mingwei of male cornstalk of Liu a small tinkling bell remarries bask in it is cummer Jian Xuexin according to wife doubt 20220323120017 623b0bd15c5c8Liu Mingwei shares a photograph 20220323120022 623b0bd6a764aXin Gezhao of Liu Mingwei brief snow On March 22, the cornstalk Liu Mingwei of hero of a small tinkling bell of Liu of Hong Kong plute basks in a back that has with newly-married wife photograph to illuminate in individual socialization platform, match civil: “05/03/2022 ” , the good friend leaves a message in succession congratulation. According to harbor intermediary, liu Mingwei did not disclose newly-married wife full name, but the netizen guesses Liu Mingwei remarries the wife is cummer Jian Xuexin. It is reported, the Liu Mingwei that is 41 years old and brief snow Xin filmed 2016 true person excellent program ” Mie of Mie of my Mie ” when become attached to, the woman sees to Liu Mingwei at that time admire, state Liu Mingwei accords with the standard of self-selection male god, but because Liu Mingwei has other in part at that time,did not develop further so. After Liu Mingwei and predecessor part company, 2 people begin association, they ever were patted pull a hand to shop in sweetness of gong bay busy streets together, evade passerby eye none.

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