Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Scandal of home of the state below Japanese actor wood exposing to the sun has undertaken to two actress the gender is invaded 20220323120033 623b0be15b8a0Wood leaves state home Recently, according to day intermediary message, afterwards explodes two weeks continuously after giving Japan to direct hero sex to invade at least 7 to give the actress that performs his film, now ” Wen Chun ” explode again the ally of hero giving , home of the state below Japanese actor wood has had sexual inroad to two actress. Wen Chun obtained the testimony of two actress, the reason that the meeting below wood coachs with acting calls actress him home, at the beginning two people miss a drama namely, the meeting below wood undertakes vituperative to actress later ” why to do ” , begin to undertake comforting again later, take her to the bedroom to undertake the gender is invaded. Wen Chun issues office and him to put forward to interview to wood, but did not get a response. The insider divulges wood leaves state home each perform a program to discussing the way to deal with a situation.

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