Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Huang Cuiru is basked in do close quite according to celebrate for the husband unripe say to be able to cherish Xiao Zhengnan well 20220323120139 623b0c239e5f8Huang Cuiru and pointed balance of Xiao Zhengnan bazoo On Feburary 23, according to harbor intermediary report, although actor Huang Cuiru flew to Malaysia start working recently, but the heart fastens marital Xiao Zhengnan, although be in different ground personally, do not forget to be the Xiao Zhengnan of birthday is celebrated 45 years old now, huang Cuiru basks in an as nose as Xiao Zhengnan pointed balance to prepare chin of the other side of big mouth grip with one’s teeth at gregarious platform do close quite according to. In addition, mom of desolate of Huang Cuiru acknowledgment brought Xiao Zhengnan this day on March 23, laugh say ” I can cherish this gift well, the food that if had better eat,values him ” , final sweetness blesses joy of Xiao Zhengnan birthday.

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