Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: When Gu Jingwen sister-in-law releases video to share the experience that change cure to give looking glass not wigged 20220323120145 623b0c296a81fThe experience when Zhu Xinyi shares him to change cure and experience On March 22, according to stage intermediary report, after Zhu Xinyi of Gu Jingwen’s sister-in-law, actor announces he contracts breast cancer, the 2nd film was released on video platform. In film, she shared herself the experience when changing cure and experience. And this, face camera lens, she is done not have wigged. In video, mention when her change cure to make when her hair drops light, she chokes with sobs express, the doctor reminds her to want to buy hairpiece at once at that time, but she does not want to be faced so quickly all the time. Zhu Xinyi says frankly, face an audience in order to do not have the about of the hair, “Need beat has very great courage. ” she also thanks hairstyle division Wu Yilin to help her clip hairpiece, say, because have the help of these friends, “There is confidence to hit before letting me treat win this to battle. ” Zhu Xinyi earlies childhood, the secondary action that the remedy that oneself use at present brings includes hair, vomiting, marrow to restrain, heartbeat of coma of hands or feet, oedema, unusual erythema, breath is accelerated, bosom tide of frowsty, face is red, have a fever, Wei is cold etc. But she thinks to want to believe a doctor, she can overcome these side effect. She also reminds other cancer patients, do not want folk prescription of informal believe what one hears, must believe standard treatment of the doctor, and propaganda to the enemy at the front line: “Cheer together! ” , should maintain good intention it is affection, good to eat, sleep well, just force fights cancer.

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